No 272 Wildlife Trade News 21st November 2014

Another daily dose of bad news about poaching, wildlife and environmental crime
from around the world …

in the spotlight today ……………………

Has seized ivory disappeared from govt storage? MALAYSIA

extract: The public still does not know what has happened to the 2,000 or more ivory tusks supposedly stored safely in Malaysia.

No 272 Wildlife Trade News 21st November 2014

World’s loneliest orangutan does not know how to act like a primate because she has never even SEEN another of her own kind… while zoo visitors encourage her to smoke and force her to eat junk food: MALAYSIA (NA COMMENT: The Malaysian wildlife authorities (Perhilitan) had plenty of opportunities to help this orangutan and thus avoid this bad publicity, but, as usual with this wretched department, they did nothing.)

Is this the beginning of the end for Palanivel? MALAYSIA

extract: The man minister accountable for all current wildlife and environmental issues in Malaysia.

Katarina, the forgotten ‘Wild Woman of Borneo’ MALAYSIA

Over 1,000 rhinos poached in S/Africa so far in 2014 – Official

South Africa rhino deaths hit record despite conservation push

How hot is the Vietnamese rhino horn market? extract: Experts said that the demand for rhino horns comes mostly from Asia, including Vietnam, China and Thailand.

Putting the squeeze on Mozambique to stop elephant slaughter EXTRACT: Although it has paid lip service to Cites, Mozambique has effectively cocked a snoot at the international community by dragging its heels and failing to take measures to halt poaching. For starters conviction of a few known key players would go a long way towards sending the right message to corrupt officials and businessmen. The Environmental Investigation Agency and the International Rhino Foundation have petitioned the Obama government to take action against Mozambique under the Pelly amendment – which authorizes the US to impose sanctions on any country that contravenes an international conservation agreement. In this case the Cites agreements.


“Those who have the privilege to know

have the duty to act.”
Albert Einstein

Chinese Embassy Officials Accused of Smuggling Tons of Ivory on Xi’s Presidential Plane

(Photo : Reuters) Tanzanian women bid farewell to Chinese President Xi Jinping in front of the presidential plane in 2013. A damning new report accuses members of Xi’s delegation of smuggling thousands of pounds of ivory back into China on that same plane during the goodwill visit.
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Rampant poaching: PAKISTAN

Image: Saudi group with some of the 2,100 houbara bustards it allegedly killed in a

2014 Pakistan safari, via

US oil giant tried to buy my silence, says forest activist : KENYA

Under threat: Kenya’s iconic Nairobi national park

Dubai royals hunt out Maasai land: TANZANIA

Uganda: Ministries Reject Museveni Directive On Elgon Park

Efforts to Curb Destructive Palm Oil Plantations Brings Together Strange Bedfellows

Major boost for KZN’s anti-poaching fight

Rhino killed by poachers in Kaziranga

15 Chinese boats seized for poaching in S. Korean waters

Timber poachers getting bolder PHILIPPINES

Confessions of an Ivory Consumer

In Africa, Tracker Dogs Join War Against Elephant Poachers

Didi and Leyian, her handler with the Kenyan Big Life Tracker Dog Unit, are poised to start a search. The moment Leyian straps on her harness, Didi perks up her ears and is ready to go to work. Photograph by Jeremy Goss

Can we pull elephants back from the brink? By Richard Leakey

Mafia bosses used crocodiles, boa constrictors and pythons to intimidate victims Italian police reveal the exotic wildlife used to ‘persuade’ people to pay Mafia protection money – including a parrot trained to say "I’ll kill you"

UWA boss suspended over ivory scam

Poachers Are Now Slaughtering Africa’s Giraffes

KZN rhino poacher launches appeal bid

2 endangered elephants found dead in Indonesia

An activist inspects one of two dead Sumatran elephants allegedly killed by poachers for their tusks, in Tebo district of Jambi Province on Sumatra Island, Indonesia, November 18, 2014.

Great apes facing ‘direct threat’ from palm oil farming in South-east Asia and Africa – See more at:

Comprehensive Congo Basin Forest Assessment Released
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From Forests to Wood: Inside Nigeria’s Logging Industry

Environmental justice: PHILIPPINES

Rainforest summit more ‘hot air’ than progress, environmentalists say

Consumers trust certification labels and expect companies to label products, PEFC research shows

S’ wak MTUC hopes for better treatment of timber workers

Poachers kill two rhinos in Etosha

Three rhino slaughtered every day in SA

Environment ministry set up committee to review forest laws without PM’s approval INDIA
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China’s New ‘Great Seawall’ is Harming Ecosystems

Farming baby crocodiles to ‘save saltie’. AUSTRALIA

Sea Shepherd prepares to launch new mission targeting illegal Patagonian toothfishers

Chelsea Clinton Turns to the Fashion Industry for Help With the Elephant Poaching Crisis

More elephants being killed than being born

AHEC guidelines to help Australian importers of American hardwoods with compliance

Sarawak seeking heavier penalties for timber thieves

Ranking the world’s best – and worst – palm oil companies in terms of sustainability

Belgium keen to import more Malaysian palm oil

Activists hijack Pepsi’s new product launch on Amazon over deforestation

Why Wall Street investors and Chinese firms are buying farmland all over the world

Canned lion hunting: The dark shadow of South Africa’s wildlife tourism industry

Unilever’s Europe palm oil pledge as worldwide target falls short

Rwanda: Infant Chimpanzee Rescued From Poachers Now Safe

Secrets of sandalwood trade. AUSTRALIA

Indonesia imposes moratorium on new logging permits – See more at:

Illegal fishermen encroach on world’s most isolated tribe

Indonesian government slow to reclaim lands damaged by coal mining

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