Uniglobe choses Uganda for next EMEA retreat


(Posted 23rd November 2014)

The Uniglobe retreat for Sub Saharan African countries’ franchisees will from 06th to 08th of February next year take place at the Lake Victoria Serena Resort outside Uganda’s capital city of Kampala. Last year’s retreat was held on the Spice Island of Zanzibar and remaining in East Africa for a second year running is a vote of confidence in the stability and the attraction the region holds for many visitors and for many conferences. Twice a year do Uniglobe franchises from Africa get together with their colleagues from Europe and the Middle East, last year for instance attracting attendance from South Africa, Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Mauritius and as far as Jordan and Germany and next year’s event will no doubt see similar if not even better numbers come to Uganda.

The chosen venue, the Lake Victoria Serena Resort, is one of Uganda’s finest retreat and conference venues and the recently concluded Africa Travel Association Annual Congress held a Cultural Gala Night at the shores of Lake Victoria to a thrilling finale of the 5 day meeting.

Uganda’s tourism industry is expected to make a serious pitch at the delegates to send more visitors to the country where 10 national parks, game, nature and forest reserves, the world’s second largest lake, Victoria and the River Nile offer tourists close up visits to primates, the big five, over 1.000 species of birds and of course a range of adventure activities like rafting, kayaking and mountain climbing in the Mountains of the Moon, aka Rwenzori Mountains.

Uniglobe is the world’s largest travel franchise brand, with over 700 offices in nearly 70 countries, employing over 6.000 staff. Host agency in Kampala will be Uniglobe Intek Travel, one of three Uniglobe franchise holders in Uganda.

For more information about the destination click on www.visituganda.com or www.ugandawildlife.org

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