Another B737-8HX joins the Kenya Airways fleet


(Posted 24th November 2014)

Kenya Airways’ board, management and staff, as well as invited guests and the media, yesterday afternoon witnessed the arrival at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport of the second of five Boeing B737-800NG SkyInterior the airline has on order.

Several staff this correspondent is in regular contact with expressed their personal satisfaction about the latest brand new aircraft joining their fleet, and one of them on condition of anonymity, for not being the official spokesperson of the airline, took exception about comments made by a shareholder on Friday: ‘We remain the Pride of Africa. We are proud of our airline and in fact all Kenyans should be proud of Kenya Airways. We are not perfect, we know that, and we have a lot of ground to cover over the coming months to improve our services, punctuality and give our faithful passengers the confidence that they are making the right choice to stay loyal to us. But no one should call us the Shame of Africa, it is not justified and was perhaps said in anger. We are also disappointed with the financial results but most of it is beyond us at Kenya Airways to resolve. We cannot stop the Ebola crisis and we cannot bring security to the country as a whole. But what we can do is improve and our new CEO is focused on improving on all areas of our operation and ground handling. Today is a proud moment to get the second of five new B737’s and our passengers will just love the aircraft and how it is equipped with inflight entertainment and the new interior’.

Over the next few months will three more B737-8HX’s under a current order of five be delivered alongside three more B787-8 Dreamliners to complete the initial order of 9 such aircraft, expanding the fleet and allowing the launch of new destinations and more frequencies to cities where the demand remains high.

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(‘We remain the Pride of Africa’ does this picture seem to suggest as airline staff welcomes another new aircraft

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