No 274 Wildlife Trade News 23rd November 2014

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Tanzania’s Maasai prefer death to eviction

Maasai tribe’s eviction is part of a larger land-grabbing trend across Africa.

No 274 Wildlife Trade News 23rd November 2014

Jokowi to directly observe handling of land, forest
fires in Riau. INDONESIA

Escalation of poaching in Northern Gabon

WWF-M’sia backs S’wak govt’s pledge for ‘integrity logging’

40,000ha in Sabah illegally cleared (NA comment: Why won’t the Sabah government come out publicly and strongly like the government next door follow the Sarawak’ Chief Minister’s example? What could be hard about that – if you really are serious about tackling illegal logging? Let’s see if the Sabah government will copy Sarawak. Watch this space.)

Rare trial: Customs asked to explain what action has been taken against turtle smugglers. PAKISTAN

It’s official: Chhattisgarh gets new tiger reserve

Wild call: 5 snakes, 1 monitor lizard & Owl rescued in a day. INDIA


Have you still not seen a statement from

Mr Scanlon or Mr Storkersen,

concerning the ivory shipment from Tanzania

to China on board the President of China’s jet?




Is China off limits for any CITES comment or criticism?

Is it too much to ask these CITES officials, at the very least, to make a

public statement of concern and reassure us this matter is being investigated?

Is CITES a wildlife crisis that keeps on giving?

Adult tusker electrocuted. INDIA

“Those who have the privilege to know

have the duty to act.”
Albert Einstein

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Executive Director Secretary General Chairman: Standing Committee

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