The Diani beaches, so much more than just sun and sand


(Posted 25th November 2014)

Kenya’s coastline south of Mombasa, in particular the award winning Diani beaches, is always worth watching when it comes to local festivals, beach sporting event, skydiving even and, of course, fishing competitions.

While the locals always find information in the weekly Kenya Buzz ( are foreign visitors often clueless until they learn of an event by either seeing it unfold in front of their eyes, wishing they had known earlier to become part of the fun, unless some of the more switched on holiday reps alert them to what’s going on or the hotel and resort notice boards make mention of it.

Here is some advance notice of five weeks for the Diani Samaki Fourty Thieves fishing competition, going underway on the 28th of December for the ‘auction of boats’ before lines go into the water the following day.

Kenya’s beach resorts and restaurants, here in particular the Fourty Thieves, a popular eatery and hangout along the Diani Beach, are sadly in less demand this year inspite of the arguably best value for visitors in several years. Yet does the tourism fraternity not give up and continues to organize events like this one to make sure that at least the locals, and expatriates from the region who continue to come to the Kenya coast regardless of the often outdated anti-travel advisories, can have more to look forward to than just sun and sand but keep themselves busy with all those things which make a beach vacation a great holiday.

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