No 277 Wildlife Trade News 26th November 2014

Your daily dose of bad news from around the world about poaching, wildlife and
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Wildlife crime study finds 33,000 items worth £7m for sale online Biggest ever survey in 16 countries finds adverts for live tigers, orangutans and chimps – plus a ‘toilet-trained’ gorilla.

‘Shocking’ scale of online trade in endangered animals and parts revealed

No 277 Wildlife Trade News 26th November 2014

Palanivel’s secretive NRE and Perhilitan must be stopped. MALAYSIA

Sarawak labelled as ” ground zero of deforestation’

Delhi NGO to rescue 67 circus elephants from ‘torture’ Read more:

China Demands Philippines Release Fishermen (NA comment. China wants criminals who killed turtles to be freed – to go back into business?)

Vietnam seizes over 1,000 dead endangered sea turtles extract: "They were meant to be processed into handicrafts for export to China,"


Adaptive Engagement: China’s Approach to Southern Africa

Interpol interested to investigate wildlife trafficking in Bangladesh – See more at:

10 tigers missing from Pilibhit Reserve

"Does Asia Pulp & Paper have sufficient plantation fiber supply to support its zero deforestation commitment?". INDONESIA

APP boosting timber productivity to support zero deforestation policy

Malaysia’s famous Orang Utan may be extinct by 2020
Full article:

China: 10 sentenced to 5 to 13 years’ imprisonment last week for purchasing, transporting & selling in China. (NA comment: History in the making – and not before time?)

More elephants die in Aceh in two years. SUMATRA/INDONESIA extract: The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Aceh recorded that 28 elephants have died in Aceh since January last year.

Man with 12 pangolins nabbed in Beaufort. SABAH/MALAYSIA

Humanity Caged by Monkeys. INDONESIA

Could this be the mantra of the CITES Standing Committee?

“To avoid criticism, say nothing, do nothing, and be nothing?”

Missing Ivory: Mutagamba suspends UWA’s executive director. UGANDA – See more at: ( NA comment: click the link to see the actual suspension letter.)

Exotic pet owners given 30 days to free animals. UAE

Image Credit: Atiq-Ur-Rehman/Gulf News Archives A cheetah was found in front of the mosque near Radisson SAS Hotel in Sharjah. The decision to ban keeping wild animals in farms and houses has come in for praise.

Wildlife SOS to Help Rescue India’s Remaining Circus Elephants

Centre to work with NGO to rescue elephants being used illegally in circus. INDIA

India’s wildlife crisis Read more at: (NA comment: check out the graph)

Phuket: Khao Lak elephant camp raided, croc seized

Poor billionaire has no compassion for living animals: iLIVE. ROMANIA

Russia considers tougher penalties for illegal wildlife trade over internet

South Africa: U.S. Boosts Fight to Protect Wildlife

Stunning Honesty From Sarawak’s New Chief Minister Adenan Satem shocks observers by calling out the state’s rampant corruption. extract: In a rare gathering of timber barons, Adenan apparently stunned his audience, telling them that he will “put the fear of god into people who are dishonest.” “Some, of course not all, pretend they don’t know. The reason is very simple; either they are stupid, cowards or corrupt,” he said in a cracking break from the past.

Chris Packham’s Malta team wins major environmental prize

Ethiopia: Authority’s Hands On Wildlife Trafficking

Elephant orphans must grow up without their mothers

Ivory poaching has left many young elephants without mothers. These youngsters must find a way to rebuild their lives.

Illegal logs used in public schools. The Philippines

Monkey menace: Lift ban on monkey export for bio-medical research. INDIA

Canadian pleads guilty in NY rhino horns case

Pangolins seized from carat roadblock. SABAH/MALAYSIA

Is Jurassic World Violating CITES Protections?

Prince William honours Africa’s wildlife guardians

Progress being made in curbing illegal timber imports – See more at:

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