No 280 Wildlife Trade News 29th November 2014

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Zimbabwe’s baby elephants getting sold to China zoos: activists SHAME ON THE GOVERNMENTS OF ZIMBAWE – AND CHINA Will you ever see this news report on the CITES web site, Facebook page or Twitter? Or, will China be excused such embarrassment? What do you think?

No 280 Wildlife Trade News 29th November 2014

Ivory Coast seizes two Chinese trawlers in fishing dispute
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Hong Kong says it won’t be joining Elephant Protection Initiative

Online wildlife trade exposed in Bahrain

Exotic parrots are available online in Bahrain

Whaling opponents ‘imperialists’, says Japan

Endangered Wildlife. PAKISTANI extract: Pakistani officials and the Arabs have a very healthy working relationship; the officials harvest friendly contacts, enjoy the brush of the royal life and pocket a sizeable amount of cash for their troubles, and in return the Arabs are discreetly allowed to indulge in decadent pleasures to their heart’s desire. The tale of the Saudi prince who shot 2,100 endangered Houbara Bustards in a three week safari …’

Yes, the anti-seal campaign is about money,-the-anti-seal-campaign-is-about-money/1

INTERPOL environmental working group meetings enhance collaboration

Colombia hosts international workshop for ensuring sustainable trade in sharks listed in CITES

Clearcutting Cambodia’s ecological heartland Firms linked to the country’s leaders are reaping a fortune by leveling a key forest.

North Korea’s military orders surge in squid poaching

Factories or forests? INDIA

New TRAFFIC & WWF report examines international walrus trade

Nepal’s killing fields: FIVE THOUSAND buffalo lie slaughtered at the beginning of Hindu ceremony which sees up to 300,000 animals killed to bring worshippers good luck

French Wildlife Photography Festival Backs Pangolin Conservation

Some Lesser-Known Animals Like Pangolin And Star Tortoise Targeted By Indian Poachers

Environmentalists call for intensified awareness. GHANA

277 Illegal Logs Confiscated At Kubah National Park SARAWAK/MALAYSIA

6 lorries stopped for dangerous loading, overloading (LOGGING) SARAWAK / MALAYSIA

New database key to fighting deforestation. INDONESIA

Google Helps Map Illegal Fishing

Saving the Lear’s Macaw

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