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‘Exporting deforestation’: China is the kingpin of illegal logging extract: "China is now effectively exporting deforestation around the world," Faith Doherty, head of EIA’s Forests Campaign, explains in a statement.

Logs smuggled across the border from Myanmar to China. Photo © : EIA.

Log truck en route to Beira, Mozambique. Photo © : EIA.

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Do you ever see a word of criticism or concern from CITES, in public, over China’s

alarming worldwide environmental holocaust? It’s been going on for years, hasn’t it?

Can you relate any of what you see in the news every day to this action by CITES?

“CITES Secretariat praises China for major nationwide wildlife law enforcement operations”

Achim Steiner UNEP John Scanlon CITES Oystein Steiner CITES

Executive Director Secretary General Chairman: Standing Committee

“Those who have the privilege to know

have the duty to act.”
Albert Einstein

Chinese Embassy Officials Accused of Smuggling Tons of Ivory on Xi’s Presidential Plane

(Photo : Reuters) Tanzanian women bid farewell to Chinese President Xi Jinping in front of the presidential plane in 2013. A damning new report accuses members of Xi’s delegation of smuggling thousands of pounds of ivory back into China on that same plane during the goodwill visit.
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Embassy role in ivory smuggling branded ‘baseless’ extract: The Chinese Embassy in Burundi has branded a media report claiming it had conducted illegal ivory trade in Africa as "unreal and baseless". The ivory was seized by police at Kuala Lumpur International Airport and the smugglers arrested. (NA comment: Did you expect the Chinese to admit their guilt?! Did the Chinese Embassy in Tanzania get the idea from their friends in Burundi? Did the smugglers get to court and gaol in Malaysia – unlikely?)

No 282 Wildlife Trade News 1st December 2014

Over the years at least 100 chimpanzees have been illegally imported into Egypt. None of this could have happened without the complicity of corrupt CITES Management authority’s. Lot’s more baby chimpanzees have ben imported by Turkey, Russia, UAE, China, Armenia, etc. We are talking about multiple shipments to multiple counties. None of the importing countries have ever been sanctioned by CITES – does this make you wonder why? Did all this, inexplicably, go unnoticed by the Secretariat and Standing Committee, or, might there be some other explanation? What do you think?

Project to End Great Ape Slavery – PEGAS

EGYPT: Where did these chimpanzees come from and why are they being tortured on small islands – 400 Egypt pounds ($57) to enter to see them and other animals.

EGYPT: Chimpanzees kept on a tiny island at the Africa Safari Park in Egypt with temperatures down to 9 C (48 F) and up to 45 C (113 F). Nothing to swing on, no vegetation. Boredom is a gross understatement. They were given to the facility by the Egypt CITES Management Authority. It costs 400 Egyptian pounds to get in (US$ 57). CITES providing commercial Appendix I specimens.

EGYPT. The Giza Zoo holding confiscated chimpanzees from the slave trade that Egypt

refuses to repatriate. (PEGAS)

EGYPT: In early January 2012 there were 11 chimpanzees and 5 gorillas at the Tower Hotel Country Club in Sharm el Sheikh. I just visited there and now there are 25 chimpanzees. Some were born there, but where did the rest come from? Nothing in the CITES Trade Database. (PEGAS)

EGYPT: Another victim of trafficking living alone on an island in African Safari Park, Egypt, on the Cairo-Alexandria road. Six other chimpanzees used to be on that tiny island, but one by one they fell off and drowned.

In October PEGAS went to Kinshasa, DRC, and found traffickers protected by the military selling monkeys and apes on a main road. This month PEGAS visited where some of them go. And the CITES Secretariat states that there is no problem.


The Environment’s Most Wanted Criminals

Most wanted environmental fugitives. Top row left to right: Adriano Giacobone, Sudiman Sunoto, Bhekumusa Mawillis Shiba and Ben Simasiku. Bottom row left to right: Nicolaas Antonius Cornelis Maria Duindam, Ariel Bustamante Sanchez, Sergey Darminov and Feisal Mohamed Ali Photo by: Interpol. NA COMMENT: Do you realise you can help catch these criminals by posting this news report on your Facebook and Twitter accounts? You CAN make a difference, if you want to.

Ian Player, the great buffalo, has fallen

Missing UWA ivory extract: Since news of the missing ivory from the Uganda Wildlife Authority’s strong room broke in mid-November, there are several questions that have remained unanswered: Why doesn’t the government have a policy on handling ivory confiscated in Uganda? How much ivory has been confiscated by the government over several decades? And for how long will Uganda keep the ivory stockpile? – See more at: (NA comment: Much the same questions have repeatedly been asked of the Malaysian government. It is believed some of their confiscated ivory has been sold or stolen……despite which, they, undoubtedly, will submit a CITES Ivory action Plan saying everything is in order and CITES will rubber stamp the report thus avoiding the need to punish Malaysia – and before long the ivory trade through Malaysia will start again. Why would it stop if no one or no country is ever punished?)

CITES STANDING COMMITTEE: If you would like to see who sits on this committee and get to decide whether or not convention-busting countries are punished, click here:

These are people with the lives of thousands of animals in their hands.

Elephants’, rhinos, chimpanzees, tigers, etc – whether they get to live or die, to a

considerable extent is in the hands of these people,

so let’s hold them publicly accountable, shall we?

Kenya: Four Lions Poisoned in Mwatate Ranch

Anti-poaching ‘war’ to save rhinos whose horns are more valuable than gold. SOUTH AFRICA

Henan man jailed for three months for hunting 87 protected toads. CHINA

Wildlife at risk in Lal Suhanra Park

Poacher shoots wildlife activist

‘Wildlife at risk without funds’ SABAH/MALAYSIA

Clear and present danger: Wildlife poachers in Lahad Datu transporting Sambar deer carcasses in the back of their truck in this photo provided by WWF Malaysia.

Unauthorized circus shows using animals banned. SAUDI ARABIA. EXTRACT: The Saudi Wildlife Authority says many violations have been noticed during circus shows where animals are used.

Fish and Wildlife Service Proposes Declaring African Lion Threatened

Fight for jumbos. THAILAND

‘Forest patrols doubled to prevent illegal logging. JORDAN

Indonesia to audit licenses of palm oil companies that clear peatlands

The future of Papua’s biodiversity is alarming

Green activists want more efforts to protect Kazimzumbwi Forest. TANZANIA

Sensitise public to win war against poaching TANZANIA

Leopard Caught in Poachers’ Snare Rescued near Mysuru

The leopard’s right forelimb was caught in the jaw trap

Tiger deaths increase inside protected areas

Tiger killed in Pench national park of Madhya Pradesh

Wildlife killings go unchecked in Morang. NEPAL

Palm oil interest surges in Papua New Guinea

Book detailing corruption allegations against Malaysian ruler moves forward

80 kilos of shark fins seized in Port Gentil (Gabon)

Real-life Paddingtons in peril: They’re from darkest Peru, do VERY hard stares and are almost as adorable as the childhood favourite. But they’re facing a not-so happy ending…

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