No 284 Wildlife Trade News 3rd December 2014

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Heartbreaking pictures of a terrified circus monkey cowering in fear lay bare shocking treatment of animals in China

  • The heartbreaking images were taken in Suzhou, Central Province
  • Animals stunts are widely popular at zoos and animal parks across China
  • But animals are routinely beaten and abused to make shows happen

· In 2012, zoos across China were banned by the government from putting on exotic animal performances.

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This baby chimp was born in Africa, saw his mother slaughtered, sold to order to China illegally, and

is now beaten into submission in a Chinese Zoo. photo: K. Ammann.





Banned, but openly happening in China.

At the time of writing we hear former CITES officials are in Zimbabwe now,

trying to help grease this deal between that country and China.

Wildlife Abducted From Hwange National Park For Chinese Zoos

Unmasked: Zimbabwe and the life-threatening sale of baby elephants to China

extract: China is stealing African animals yet again, and covering it up with suspicious paperwork and probably in violation of its own regulations.

NGO groups appear worryingly quiet on this ZIMBABWE issue. WWF? AWF? etc.

“Those who have the privilege to know

have the duty to act.” (They do, don’t they?)
Albert Einstein

No 284 Wildlife Trade News 3rd December 2014

Sabah’s killing fields must stop. MALAYSIA

Chinese Wildlife Traders Find a Home Online

China Slips in Corruption Perceptions Report

Conservationists Continue Push to Block Hong Kong Ivory Sales (NA comment: Isn’t it a shame, bordering on a scandal, that CITES keeps quiet about such sales?)

A Hong Kong police officer stood inside the Chinese Goods Center, a store that sells African elephant ivory products, as animal welfare and wildlife conservation advocates protested outside against alleged illegal ivory trade. Credit Alex Hofford/European Pressphoto Agency

13 face ‘artefact theft plot’ trial. UK REF RHINO HORNS

British citizen involved with ivory smuggling into China

Vietnamese NGO petitions for criminal charges in sea turtle bust

Thousands of sea turtles were found in a warehouse in Nha Trangon November 26, 2014. Photo courtesy of Lao Dong. extract: After a whole day of measuring them, police announced the turtles weighed 4.4 tons in total.

However, Dung said local police have yet to press charges against Hoang Tuan Hai, the owner of two warehouses where they found the stuffed creatures. Dung added that the top leader of the sea turtle trading ring, which the ENV identified during their independent investigation, was never mentioned in police descriptions. (NA comment: Are the Vietnam authorities seeking to avoid punishing the criminals concerned?)

Conservation Drones

Tackling deforestation and protecting orangutans with drones in Indonesia. (NA comment: Recommended 15 minute video. ) A

Pulp and paper giant violating its sustainability policy. INDONESIA

Yasothon reminds ivory traders about commercial registration. THAILAND – See more at:

Cebu ‘hub for shell export’: NBI. PHILIPPINES (NA comment: Do you want to guess which country is the buyer of these shells?)

Lion Hunting Guide Gets 27 Months USA

Gambia: Minister Wants Collective Approach to Sound Environmental Management

East Africa: Antiques Dealer Pleads Guilty to Attempted Rhino Horn Smuggling

Ezemvelo’s fat cats and jobs for pals. South Africa

Big Bucks In South Africa’s Wildlife Farming

Sierra Leone News:Lion surfaces in Kambia

Kenya’s Jumbos Rise to 35,720 Amid Poaching

Tiger’s death in Pench: Poachers’ role suspected

Kenya: Backing a war against rhino poaching

Why Elephant Trekking is Cruel, and Risks the Lives of Humans and Elephants

No need to cry anymore Raju! The elephant whose tears captured the hearts of millions is finally declared free from his former owners
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South Africa: Three Rhino Poachers Nabbed

Alleged ringleader in largest Montana bear poaching case faces 5 felonies
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Withdrawal of a recommendation to suspend trade

CITES: Notification to the Parties No. 2014/058 Annex 1

Guidance for Parties on the implementation of Decision 16.85 a) b) and c) on

Rhinoceroses (Rhinocerotidae spp.)

Govt refuses nod to neel gai hunting

Wilderness watch. (Philippines)

Phuket’s Tiger Kingdom Closes Big Cat Cage Access Under Orders

Mining to defence projects cleared near protected wildlife areas. INDIA

Tiger deaths from poaching and unnatural causes show India failing in protection. (NA comment: Tens, if not hundreds of millions of dollars, given by foreign donors to save tigers, and the Indian government still can’t be bothered to do so. see next article.)

No chargesheet filed, Bhandara tiger skin carriers get bail extract: Nagpur: In a classic example of how casually poaching cases are handled, nine accused involved in trading tiger skin and leopard nails were set free by a Bhandara court since forest officials failed to file a chargesheet in the stipulated 60 days.

Embattled palm oil giant announces sustainability policy, but fails to win over critics

Giraffes in danger of quietly disappearing

Rescue 250 blackbucks at ashram, says wildlife activist

Bokod task force firms up drive versus illegal logging

Illegal gold mining transforms rainforest into mercury-poisoned wastelands

Tanzania: Hunting Firm Donates Sh60 Million in Anti-Poaching Initiative

Countries’ economic power does not predict conservation performance Poor performers were the US, Australia, China, Colombia, Ecuador, Indonesia, Malaysia and Mexico.

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