Reunion, more popular than ever before


(Posted 11th December 2014)

Is it the location, deep in the Indian Ocean with an ever warm climate, is it the Creole culture, crafts or cuisine or is it France’ giving the island a superb infrastructure, or is it perhaps the mix of it all.

Those who have ever been to the island, which has risen to global fame for its adventure tourism mix with ‘ordinary’ attractions like classy beach resorts, swimming with dolphins, scuba diving or whale watching, of course know the impact colours and scents have had on their senses.

It is no wonder therefore that in a sustained campaign over 400.000 likes have been generated on the Facebook pages of Reunion Island and the number just keeps growing and growing, perhaps as a result of the often ingenious marketing methods in key European and overseas markets like India, China and South Africa.

It was just half a year ago when that number topped 300.000 and goes to show the popularity of Reunion Island which according to island sources has translated in sharply rising arrival numbers, aided no doubt by Visa Waiver agreements with South Africa, India and China.

Wannabe travelers find out a lot more about the island’s attractions by clicking on or by following the Twitter hashtag campaign #GoToReunion

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