Pre Christmas reflections from the Seychelles

The home island of Seychelles’ Minister for Tourism and Culture, Alain St. Ange, provided the setting for the Second edition of the archipelago’s version of ‘Christmas with the Stars‘ over the weekend.The Ministry in conjunction with the St. Mary’s Church Committee made sure the event was well planned and organized and the Minister sent the report overnight for publication to show to the world that the very fabric of Seychelles society, their deep religious beliefs as incidentally showcased every year through the Festival of Assumption in August also on the island of La Digue is something even for tourist visitors to participate in and to enjoy:

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Thumbs up for the second edition of Seychelles Christmas with the Stars

A huge crowd flooded the grounds of St Mary’s Catholic Church on La Digue for the 2014 edition of the Christmas with the Stars festive season show. La Digue is third most populated island of the Seychelles and the Diguois and tourists alike came out in force for this second edition of the Christmas with the Stars Concert. Back by popular demand, the 2014 Christmas with the Stars is staged by the Ministry of Tourism and Culture in Collaboration with St Mary’s Church Committee. The show succeeded in bringing together a good fusion of professional, amateur and young talents who have the potential to grow and eventually become the island’s next generations of shooting stars. The concert opened with the Children’s choir from the St Mary’s Church who captivated their audience with Christmas songs. Their sweet voices echoed in the grounds of St Mary’s Church and brought the magic of Christmas to La Digue Island. The Children’s Choir of St Mary’s Church paved the way for the St Mary’s Adult Choir, National Choir, Culture Department Choir and the much awaited Danielle Denis and Christina Alexis (the "Sesel I anan Talan") singing stars. The people of La Digue who watched the performance were amazed, especially with the voice of Danielle Denis. Seychelles still remembers Danielle who won big in Seychelles talent show ‘’ Sesel I anan Talan’’ in 2012 and outsmarted the finalists with her interpretation of a Andrea Bocelli’s song. She brought the same magic at the St Mary’s Church as she did in 2012, when she gave her first performance to people of Seychelles. Marcel Rosalie, Director General for Culture, who worked closely with St Mary’s Church Committee in staging of Christmas with the Stars said the turnout was promising, and PS Benjamine Rose, the PS for Culture in the Ministry of Tourism and Culture who worked with Rev. Fr. Francis of the St Mary’s La Digue Church said that she was happy having to have brought this family event to La Digue. "We planned the event because we wanted to bring something new for La Digue during the Festive Season. We shall continue to work with the local community leaders in order to deliver for the population. Next year we would like to do the same for Praslin" said PS Benjamine Rose as she thanked Jimmy Savy, the CEO of the National Arts Council (NAC) for managing the event on La Digue.

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