Reunion Tourism targets local market in new domestic campaign


(Posted 17th December 2014)

Vanilla Islands founder member Reunion, hyper active in the key foreign source markets for tourists coming to the island, is equally promoting domestic tourism, as this latest report from the island goes to show.

Under the title ‘Kosa ou fe pou les Vacances’ are regular campaigns targeting the local market run in the island’s print and electronic media to have locals too take advantage, at preferential tariffs, of the range of attractions the island is so well known for abroad.

The marketing strategy developed by the IRT for the domestic market involves:

· seven TV spots per day for two weeks: vox "Kosa or pou fe vacation" + traditional advertising spot with play (ten endowments to win – Antenne Reunion)

· Skin + dedicated page on the website Meeting Antenna + sending emailing

· radio spot on 1st Meeting: Game hodgepodge with five endowments in play for two weeks

· adressing the homepage + dedicated page on

· 60×40 posters

· public posts on Facebook Reunion Island Tourism (IRT)

· display banner on Clicanoo

· dressing Memento sites Zinfos 974 Imaz Press, Indian Ocean Times, Fun Radio, NRJ, 7 Mag,, Exit 974, Meeting, Exo FM, RTL Meeting Azenda.

Like for previous seasons have IRT and the Federation of Tourist Offices (FRT) across the island worked together to achieve the campaign Kosa or pou fe Vacation, marketed locally starting from this week until the end of the school holidays.

One of key aspects of this campaign is the fact that the partner agencies have endorsed four themes to be visible and highlighted throughout the operation: relaxation and contemplation, cultural immersion and outdoor adventure. The product offerings are well adapted to these themes and targets groups like families, couples, groups of friends and individual travelers. The campaign is expected to see more local citizens of Reunion to remain on the island for their holidays than travel abroad, in particular at times of lower occupancies during the low season for foreign tourist visitors. For added details on Destination Reunion click on

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