No 298 Wildlife Trade News 18th December 2014

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that said, the pictures below are showing just
how bad this elephant baby export is. I wouldn’t
treat a stray dog as badly but then, I also don’t
eat stray dogs if you get my meaning …

in the spotlight, again, today ……………………

CITES Management Authorities in the UAE and China. You need to read this – and then cancel the import permits for these baby elephants, don’t you?

“There is no greater bond however, than that of a mother and her calves. A mother suckles her youngest calf right through until the birth of the next baby, which in Hwange – based on my own personal observations over more than a decade – is on average 3.8 years later. But even with the birth of the next calf, the bonds remain extreme, with the two youngest calves rarely away from their mother’s side for long. I have witnessed first-hand not just the profound grief of a mother who has lost her calf (killed by a wire snare for example), but also the intense grief of an elder sibling to this same death (or disappearance). Death and despair tears elephant families apart. Sometimes, the family splits forever, unable to cope with this grief. And just like in humans, grief can turn to anger. And grieving, angry, and frightened elephants is a distressing and awfully sad sight, as I also know first-hand.” Sharon Pincott, who worked with wild elephants in Zimbabwe, on a full-time voluntary and primarily self-funded basis, for the past 13 years from March 2001 to April 2014


NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC : Zimbabwe’s Reported Plan to Export Baby Elephants Raises Outcry Against Animal Trade

For elephants, being held captive in a circus or in zoos is a fate worse than death, says renowned expert Joyce Poole. extract: But many also say the incident speaks to a broader problem: the toothlessness of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES), the international treaty that sets rules for the global trade in endangered wildlife.

Photograph courtesy of Change for Animal Foundation

Elephants, like this male exported by Zimbabwe to China in 2012, live wretched lives in Chinese zoos.

Photograph courtesy of China Zoo Watch


It may not be long before we know.


That’s easier to answer: Those in the UAE, ZIMBABWE and CHINA. Think of them now, sat there in their cosy offices, despatching baby elephants to their likely deaths with the stroke of a pen or click of a mouse. They don’t want to see the cruelty involved in this evil trade.

Baby Elephants Captured in Zimbabwe – What’s Really Going on?
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The barbaric capture of baby elephants for zoos in China shocks the world

Robert Mugabe, Saviour Kasukwere, Walter Mazimbi, Chidziwa.: please help Stop the export of animals to China If you REALLY care about what is happening to these baby elephants, have you signed this petition? Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do.” Mark Twain“Twenty

No 298 Wildlife Trade News 18th December 2014

CORRECTION: 66th meeting of the CITES Standing Committee, CICG, Geneva, Switzerland is in January 2016 and not 2015. We should have known it was too good to be true for 2015.

Czech police charge 16 for trading in rhino horns

Should Manila Ocean Park be allowed to import Beluga whales? (NA comment: This, at a time when were just beginning to have some faith and trust in the Philippines authorities. If these mammals are imported the CITES authorities in the Philippines will never hear the end of it.)

Beluga whale. A species from the frigid Arctic waters to the torturous heat of the Philippines with help from the Philippines CITES Management Authority? photo
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DENR–CAR observes 33 years of protecting endangered species. PHILIPPINES

Pakistan risks losing GSP-Plus status by issuing falcon export permits

114 live Grey Parrots seized (7/12) close to Romanian border

(Fotók: Endrédi Lajos)

Smugglers held with pair of elephant tusks in Thane. INDIA–7303.html

Facing closure, the Argentine zoo that ‘drugs its lions’ so that visitors can pose for pictures INSIDE the cages
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Brazilian wood products exports to Europe set to increase

Podcast: Julian Rademeyer Comments on the Media Fatigue Around Rhino Poaching

Media Release: Sea Shepherd Intercepts Toothfish Poachers in the Southern Ocean

Global trade is key driver of deforestation

The new EIA report ‘Permitting Crime: How palm oil expansion drives illegal logging in Indonesia’ is now available in an Indonesian language version.

You can read and download it at

HK Customs foils largest recent case of suspected wood logs smuggling

Relief at a Stiff Price II: Singing the Bear Song


From Goat Herding to Lion Conservation: The Story of a Samburu Warrior. Part 1

Canton man accused of illegally hunting endangered reptiles reaches tentative plea. USA

Two Poachers held, birds rescued. PHILIPPINES

Amber Fort centre for elephant trafficking: Welfare board

Forest dept shy of sharing info on Pombhurna tiger

Africa to build world’s largest dam, but who will benefit?

10 years for cash, gold, ivory graft. CHINA

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