More secure online transactions facilitated by new 3G Direct Pay / Payoneer partnership


(Posted 28th December 2014)

One of Kenya’s pioneers for secure online payments, 3G Direct Pay, has now extended their services with the launch of a ‘Payoneer Mastercard’ for affiliated merchants in the region.

The card’s main advantage for companies such as hotels or restaurants, when accepting the ‘plastic’ for the payment of bills, is a guaranteed settlement within a day after the transaction was done.

Payoneer and 3G Direct Pay had initially engaged in an extensive partnership earlier in the year and this most recent development is part of the agreement to roll out the latest techniques in secure online payments.

3G Direct Pay is Eastern and Southern Africa’s leading online payments processor for e commerce, providing payment solution services to hundreds of travel related businesses in the region focusing on Kenya, Zambia, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda and Zanzibar, accepting all major credit cards, mobile money and e-wallets. Their online payments system is leader in technology, usability and most important security, which has for long been a major issue with trust, and therefore market penetration, of such methods of payments.

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