New Year’s fireworks restricted to just 5 minutes in Kampala


(Posted 30th December 2014)

Information is emerging through local media channels that fans of New Year fireworks will have all but five minutes, come midnight of the 31st of December, to enjoy, admire and photograph Kampala’s fireworks before the fun will be over, courtesy of an apparent directive by the Uganda Police.

Citing security concerns, that criminal elements might use the cover of the fireworks to commit offenses, will the midnight fun be limited to just five minutes, surely to the great disappointment once again of locals and visitors alike.

Traditionally do the main fireworks in Kampala come from the roof top of the Sheraton and Serena hotels, though other hotels have in recent years joined the throng and also added their own, albeit on a smaller scale.

Many Kampaleans that night assemble at vantage points on the higher hills from where they can see over the city, with the Cassia Lodge on Buziga Hill one of the best viewing points to see the grand spectacle unfold in the skies over Uganda’s capital city.

Compared to the fireworks which will be on display across the main television channels, starting from Sydney’s Harbour Bridge over Hongkong to Dubai and eventually reaching such cities as Berlin, Paris and London before moving across the Atlantic to New York – all places where the displays last for at least 15 minutes and at times even longer – will Kampala enjoy the lightspiel in the skies for just a few minutes to ring in the New Year.

Those therefore, who fancy the Full Monty, can still make arrangements to fly to Dubai on the daily Emirates’ or flydubai services, later today or on New Year’s Eve and enjoy the midnight mega fireworks, said to be again the biggest in the world, to the fullest.

From the Burj al Arab to the Burj Khalifa and on to the Atlantis on The Palm and beyond will spectacular displays of fireworks light up the night skies over a city where this year nearly 12 million overnight visitors came to experience superlatives like nowhere else, the New Year’s fireworks included.

For those who remain in Kampala, enjoy the night out, the five minutes fireworks and the night long hospitality of our hotels and the lake side resorts until the wee hours or the crack of dawn.

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