High Court halts another airport concession


(Posted 03rd January 2015)

The High Court in Nairobi has halted the award of yet another concession agreement, this time for the provision of fast food services at the new Terminal 1A.

Once again has an unsuccessful company taken their grievance and disappointment to court, promptly described as ‘sore losers’ by a regular aviation source from Nairobi. ‘It is becoming intolerable that key services are not provided for travelers because of some losers feel they need to run to court. KAA’s tenders for concessions are not very lucky because so many have ended up in court and they had to start from scratch again’.

Both parties will have to return to court on January 15th to learn about a hearing date, which however could be several months down the line due to the volume of pending cases at the High Court. Until the case is determined is any building and construction progress unlikely, delaying the provision of services by at least 6 months if not longer.

The Public Procurement Administrative Review Board had only on 18th of December handed the deal to a Kenyan company but found its decision challenged in court.

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