No 310 Wildlife Trade News 5th January 2015

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Zim elephant tragedy unfolds

extract: Australian Hank Jenkin, a former top official from Cites, which regulates the global trade in endangered species, was recruited as a consultant by wealthy businessmen and the Chinese government to provide elephants for Chinese zoos and safari parks. (NA comment: In an email to Nature Alert on 16th December 2014 Mr Jenkin had this to say: “I have no idea who is involved in the capture and handling of the elephants.”

Can you spare a minute to help save the baby elephants?

No 310 Wildlife Trade News 5th January 2015

Are We That Different? The Heartbreaking Truth About How Animals Mourn

EXTRACT: The most well-understood and recognized animal that displays signs of grief and mourning is the elephant. Elephants have been noted mourning both humans and other elephants.

Yet another report you won’t find on the CITES web site, Facebook page, or Twitter. The Secretariat, makes sure China is not exposed like this, but why? Does it make you wonder, even worry?

Chinese demand for tiger wine and skins puts wild cats in perilConservationists concerned as tiger farming industry removes stigma of buying status symbols and boosts illegal trade.

EXTRACT: Today, bottles of “bone invigoration liquor”, with a picture of a tiger on the front, are openly sold on the premises, with sales staff telling visitors it is made with the bones of tigers that had died of natural causes. If true, that would be a direct contravention of China’s own law and against the spirit of a 2007 decision under the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (Cites) that tigers should not be bred for trade in their parts. Presented with evidence of the tiger skin trade [PDF] at a Cites meeting in July, Chinese officials admitted for the first time that their government was indeed licensing the sale of pelts, according to participants.



Achim Steiner, Executive Director UNEP

Ivory carver fears the destruction of ‘traditional Chinese culture’ by ‘attention-seeking lawmakers’

Hong Kong officials refuse to publish list of commercial ivory owners despite pressure. (NA comment: CITES ISN’T WORKING – IS IT?)

CHINA: That’s some monkey business: Forestry police seize FIFTY wild apes being taken in the boot of a car to be sold for bushmeat and medicine

Horror find: Forestry police in China found almost 50 live monkeys stuffed into gauze sacks in a car boot.
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Quora Question: Should Poachers Be Shot on Sight?

S’wak CM gets tough on sawmills, Forestry Dept traitors

Before killing a rhinoceros bull, a hunter faces anger, death threats – See more at:

The orang utan needs our care and attention

Orang forest guard held for murder, rhino poaching. INDIA

Tourism Declaration of war in Tanzania

Poachers exchange fire in Pabitora. INDIA

Karachi’s mangroves threatened

After 18 Hours Cat Caught in Trap Saved by Vandalur Team

Solving the big cat problem: An expert view on the man-cat conflict in India
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Why India needs a conservation act

Is this the sickest beauty contest ever? Online outrage over Kendall Jones’ ‘Hot Hunter’ competition as men pose with rare big game they’ve killed, including lions and leopards
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Local teacher spends holiday helping animals in Iraq. CANADA
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Shocking jumbo death, tribal man arrested

Pirate’s haul of ‘white gold’ reveals cost of illegal fishing

Gujarat forest department ropes in BSF, FSL to curb poaching

Key year in fight to save the rhino

Second one-horned rhino in the space of a month butchered by poachers in Indian national park

Read more: (NA COMMENT: If Vietnam had been sanctioned years ago, would we still be seeing so many rhinos killed? CITES ISN’T WORKING – IS IT? IS THE STANDING COMMITTEE IMPOTENT, OR GUTLESS?) Take a look at the members of the committee and see for yourself those who have allowed this slaughter to go on uninhibited by CITES.

109 rhinos poached in Assam in past three years

India lost 66 tigers in 2014

The unheard cry of the parakeet INDIA

Kenya: KWS Accused of Harassment

The silence of the birds. THAILAND

170 Baby Tortoises Found In The Secret Compartment Of A Crate; Seized At Airport In Paris extract: According to, the tortoises were headed for Laos.

Ivory bans in the art world: will Australia follow suit?

Serengeti villagers threaten to poison wildlife and wreck tourism

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