Zanzibar’s main airport gets new apron and taxiway


(Posted 05th January 2015)

Yesterday saw the official inauguration of the completed works on Zanzibar’s main airport on the island of Unguja, ‘Abeid Amani Karume International Airport’ as it is now known.

Zanzibar’s President Ali Mohamed Shein did the honours to cut the ceremonial ribbon to formally launch the expanded parking apron and extended and resurfaced taxiway, which was part of the ongoing refurbishment and modernization of the airport. The terminal expansion and upgrading continues and is expected to be complete by late 2015.

ZNZ, as the airport is known in aviation circles, has seen a significant rise in direct flights from abroad, bringing tourists on the island where over the past years several new 5 star resorts have opened. Last week was it reported here that the Hyatt Park Lane in the old UNESCO World Heritage Site ‘Stone Town’ will be opening its doors in a few weeks, adding another international brand name to the hospitality scene on the island.

Charter flights from Europe complement scheduled flights from the region and from Johannesburg helping to bring the tourists needed to fill the beds in the hotels and beach resorts. Some 70 percent of the island’s foreign exchange earnings come from tourism and any downturn on fortunes would hit the economy of Zanzibar very hard. For more information about travel to Zanzibar’s islands click on

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