No 311 Wildlife Trade News 6th January 2015

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U.S. Ivory Regulation: A Q&A with Craig Hoover, U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service

Chinese complicit in ivory poaching and elephant deaths. So are Americans. (NA COMMENT: Could this explain why China is not sanctioned by CITES? Can you find any negative news reports about America’s complicity in the ivory trade on the CITES web site? Are both China and USA conspicuous by their absence?

No 311 Wildlife Trade News 6th January 2015

What the Afflictions of Circus and Zoo Elephants Have Taught Us About Captivity EXTRACT: Elephants — sensitive, social, and highly intelligent — are simply ill-suited for captivity. In the wild, elephants thrive in large family groups, with their physical and psychological needs met by life in the environment in which they have evolved to live. In zoos and circuses, it is clear that they suffer physically and psychologically, doomed to boredom, anxiety and an unnaturally shortened lifespan. Let’s be clear: captivity does not benefit elephants. It only hurts them.

Half of Indonesia’s deforestation occurs outside concession areas

Sabah Forestry Department chief justifies taking over Kg Iban Merotai ex-logging land Read more:

Plantation companies urged to help prevent forest fires. INDONESIA – See more at:

MPR speaker insults defendant. INDONESIA

Featured video: new documentary highlights ‘Sumatra Burning’

Should Hong Kong adopt a complete ban on the sale of all ivory products? Environmental Investigation Agency: The widely respected South China Morning Post is today running a poll of readers asking ‘Should Hong Kong adopt a complete ban on the sale of all ivory products?’ So far the results show an overwhelming ‘yes’ vote, with 97 per cent or respondents voting in support of a ban.

Politically sponsored settlers loot timber fields. ZIMBABWE

This is what an Amur Leopard looks like. There are less than 40 left in the wild.

Authorities arrest 4 suspects for taking Venus Flytraps. USA

122 species of Colombian bird face extinction, says new report

New hope for Borneo’s orangutans despite threats of future climate change and deforestation

First 2 Fugitives from Interpol’s Most Wanted Envornmental List Nabbed
Read more:

Gorilla And Chimpanzee Population May Disappear By 2025 If Poaching And Trafficking Continues, Officials Say (PHOTOS)

Advocacy group lashes out against palm oil expansion on Philippine island

Sumatran tiger champion honoured with an MBE

‘Blame Rana George, Gubbi for tiger death’

Forest dept gave permit, now arrests elephant owner. INDIA

Rangers kill two poachers in KNP. SOUTH AFRICA

Climate change denier named Brazil’s Science Minister

Zambia Wildlife Authority (ZAWA) Gets Assist from Markets for Conservation (COMACO) Farmers in Helping Close Down a Wildlife Poaching Racket. EXTRACTFollowing the arrests, authorities have learned the names of other traders in the syndicate who are allegedly selling wildlife contraband, particularly ivory and leopard skins, to Congolese and Chinese buyers.

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