No 312 Wildlife Trade News 7th January 2015

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EXPOSED: Shocking trade in baby orangutans being bred as playthings for the Russian super-rich for £24,000 each. extract: And the endangered creatures are not just being reared in Russia but also being imported in an apparent defiance of international rules. (NA comment: We have reported here in this newsletter, several times in the past, on the illegal trade in great apes to Russia (these babies are not born there). As far as we know CITES has done nothing about the trade or Russia – another reason why a Working Group is needed – at the very least.

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No 312 Wildlife Trade News 7th January 2015

Wildlife seizures in 2014 highlight Lao PDR’s role in trafficking (NA comment: It’s been like this for years – not that CITES has done anything about it. Even tortoises move faster than CITES officials do.)

Radiated Tortoises: 170 were recently seized in France, en route to Lao PDR © Xu Ling / TRAFFIC

Chained up, locked in cages and taken from their mothers: Cruel truth behind Thailand animal abuse highlighted by Beyonce’s tiger ‘happy snap’

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Legalizing Rhino Horn Trade Won’t Save Species, Ecologist Argues What can South Africa’s rhino horn trade proponents learn from experiences with the South American vicuña?

ESSAY: Infighting Over Whether to Trade in Elephant Ivory and Rhino Horn Jeopardizes Both Species

Traditional farming technique preserves soil, forest in Kalimantan

Richard Branson – Don’t Let Earth’s Animals Go The Way Of The Dinosaurs

Myanmar Arrests More Than 100 Foreigners for Illegal Logging

International red sanders smuggler held


Isan company launches ethical elephant tours. THAILAND

Laos Implicated in High-Value Illegal Wildlife Seizures

2 held with animal parts. NEPAL

Rhinos spared from tracking device

Human and wildlife conflicts escalate in Tanzania, threatening tourism

Deaths due to electric fencing aiding poachers

99% of Conservation Areas in Costa Rica Lack Needed Resources

Move to ban display of wildlife trophies in social media. INDIA

Leopard pelt seized, one held. INDIA

88 wild animals died of electrocution by poachers, govt tells SC
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Illegal pet trade in lemurs threatens Earth’s most endangered mammal

N$100 000 reward offered for Palmwag rhinos. NAMIBIA

Passionate memoir of the fight to save tigers from extinction

Japanese whalers leave harpoons at home as they head for Antarctic

One From The Heart For The Manta Rays. INDONESIA. EXTRACT: Air cargo and forwarder executives could unwittingly be participating in the illegal transport of manta ray products from Indonesia.

Anti-poaching mission in Franceville. GABON

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