Chimpanzee Trust December 2014 bulletin

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Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your support in 2014. It is your generosity, moral support and good will that had us complete 2014 on the right note.

We anticipate a number of changes in our systems this year, including the implementation of a business plan. I believe the business plan is a right path to seeing Chimpanzee Trust more sustaining in the near future.

However, for now your support will still make a big difference. Give towards the welfare of Chimpanzees in our care.

Wishing you a happy and prosperous 2015.
Lilly Ajarova
Executive Director

Ngamba Alpha male


The race for the alpha male position at the sanctuary has been one we have studied with much anxiety. Though the contenders took their time studying opponents, the results now are more clearer and more promising.

Umutama seems to have an upper hand over his contender because of the support he has gained from the dominant adults.

One morning in December, when the caregivers opened for the chimps to go to the forest where they would spend their day, Umutama was among the first to move out; with an intention of strategically positioning himself infront of the entrance to the raceway so all the chimps would bob for him as a sign of submission.

However, Kalema did not submit but instead passed by and went and sat at the feeding area waiting to be served his morning meal. This irritated Umutama who walked straight to Kalema to confront the latter about his behaviour. The confrontation resulted into a fight that would work to Kalema’s advantage as he is stronger than his counterpart. Meanwhile the adult chimps were watching from a distance but as it became clear that Umutama was being beaten, some of them came to his rescue- sending Kalema off over the fence and out into the staff area.

From the developments in the group at the moment, we are optimistic that the alpha male position will be filled soon.

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