No 316 Wildlife Trade News 13th January 2015

Bad news about poaching, environmental and wildlife crimes rarely come alone …

in the spotlight today ……………………

How safe are the ivory, rhino horn stockpiles in EA vaults?–rhino-horn-stockpiles-in-EA-vaults-/-/2558/2586072/-/ojfqjjz/-/index.html (It’s thought ivory in storage in Malaysia has been plundered by government officials. Does CITES care?)

No 316 Wildlife Trade News 13th January 2015

More ‘legal’ ivory will hasten the demise of species

Illegal ivory for sale in California has doubled in 8 years, study says

The plight of Zim’s 36 baby elephants

extract: The families were scattered by gunshots. They made for easy targets from above: great, grey figures stark against the golden grass. As the animals began to stampede, their terrified babies, unable to keep up, were roped together and taken away. Their capture tore apart families that in the wild could be separated only by death. Within weeks, one of the elephants has already died and its meat distributed for food. The remaining 35 young calves (plus an additional one to replace the deceased) are being held captive in a boma, along with several other animals, close to the main camp of Hwange Elephant Park. Their situation is only about to get worse. ……. with the majority likely being shipped off to Chinese zoos and circuses.

All kinds of illegal trade on Myanmar’s border

(Above) Wildlife traders doing brisk business in a street market in Myanmar’s border town of Mong La, where thousands of the Bengal slow loris are sold. The slow loris is sought by the Chinese for its apparent medicinal value. The problem for Myanmar government agencies is their lack of control over some border areas. — PHOTOS: CHRIS SHEPHERD/TRAFFIC, VINCENT NIJMAN –

extract: This goes against Myanmar’s laws and the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (Cites) to which Myanmar and China are signatories.

But the sale of slow loris is only the tip of the iceberg of the rampant illegal trade in exotic animals, drugs, timber, and precious gems taking place on the Myanmar-China and Laos-China borders. The onus of this one is really on China. See more at:


Four rhino killed in Mkhuze . SOUTH AFRICA

Traffic Southeast Asia:

The mayor of Manado (in the middle in photo below) plans to make a new regulation to prohibit the sale of endangered/ protected species in traditional markets in this Indonesian city, located in Sumatra, Northern Sulawesi which is wildlife-rich and a trafficking hotspot.

Gabon Wildlife Arrests Car With 110 Kilos Of Ivory

Chinese wildlife centres on high alert as canine distemper outbreak kills another giant panda

N.J. man convicted in narwhal whale tusk smuggling conspiracy to be sentenced Monday

40 Mysterious Pythons Found On Grave, 20 Stoned To Death, 20 Disappeared. NIGERIA

Shahidan claims to have solid proof of illegal logging, land clearing in Gua Musang. MALAYSIA
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Indonesia strengthens surveillance fleet to combat illegal fishing

India: Tiger numbers stabilise in protected habitats but poaching remains huge threat

Leopards fast losing battle of survival in Madhya Pradesh

Toucan loses half its beak in attack by teenage thugs in Costa Rica prompting social media campaign to have gang arrested
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NJ narwhal smuggler gets prison time

Illegal wildlife parts seized in Myanmar border town

Sea Shepherd Calls on New Zealand to Arrest Poachers

Ambitious study maps species’ vulnerability to overhunting across Central Africa

Can Big Data Save the Last of India’s Wild Tigers?

Gentle Giants Crying out for Love, Compassion. INDIA

Disney’s Animal Kingdom makes ‘worst zoos for elephants’ list

Lao loggers arrested after shots fired

Armed illegal loggers devastate Tanzania’s coastal forest – TRFN

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