It is all about doing things ‘online’ when 3G Directpay comes to Zanzibar next week


(Posted 19th January 2015)

Online Payments? Online Marketing? Booking engines? Fraud prevention?

3G Direct Pay will cover it all in a half day workshop for the Zanzibar tourism industry when next Tuesday, January 20th they come to the Spice Island. The Zanzibar Grand Palace Hotel is the venue for the workshop during which the latest technologies and applications are explained and demonstrated.

3G has in the recent past organized a series of such workshops across Eastern Africa and by bringing their expertise to the users in the field, rather than having them travel to Nairobi, have captured a much wider market.

Also planned for the near future is a similar, but more extensive workshop session in Lusaka, Zambia, as 3G seeks to expand their market presence beyond just Eastern Africa.

For more details on the workshop and the range of services offered by 3G, market leader in East Africa, click on

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