No 319 Wildlife Trade News 29th January 2015

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Kasukuwere petitioned over sale of baby elephants. The Zimbabwe Conservation Taskforce (ZCTF) today submitted a petition against the sale of baby elephants to the environment minister, Saviour Kasukuwere

Current and recent news included below. From tomorrow the news will return to being all current. You will see below further and abundant evidence of China’s collusion in the illegal wildlife trade. You will also see, as in previous years, the CITES secretariat carries on holding workshops and conferences ‘talking’ about saving wildlife – which is a whole lot different to actually saving wildlife.

Do you REALLY have any confidence left in CITES and/or its secretary general?

Has CITES saved any wildlife in the last few years? Can you name any examples?

The convention itself is good. What’s lacking is its enforcement, isn’t it? And who do you hold responsible for that?

Please read on and see for yourself what the lack of sanctions against China has done for wildlife.

For as long as we can remember China has been blatantly active in the illegal wildlife and illegal logging trades. And all the CITES Secretariat has done is to give the Chinese awards for wildlife protection. What do you think of this?

No 319 Wildlife Trade News 29th January 2015

Indonesia takes on China. (NA comment: If only CITES would take on China instead of sucking up to it.) EXTRACT: Indonesia is taking a tough stance against China in its fight against illegal, unreported and unregulated (IUU) fishing by confiscating Chinese vessels and severing recent privileges given to China to fish in Indonesian waters. After confiscating more than nine Chinese-linked vessels for alleged poaching, – See more at:

Chinese logging firms seek intervention over seized staff and equipment in Myanmar

More Chinese caught stealing timber in Myanmar

The Plunder of Myanmar. NEW YORK TIMES EXTRACT: China’s exploding appetites have unleashed a wholesale looting of Myanmar’s valuable natural resources

In Myanmar’s ‘Black Zones,’ Illicit Chinese Commerce Is Said to Thrive NEW YORK TIMES

The Guilty and the Innocent: China and Illegal Logging in Myanmar

Trucks loaded with Burmese timber wait to cross a river on the Burma-China border. (Photo: EIA)

Chinese officials allegedly eat endangered animal at banquet

CITES Opening remarks at the workshop on demand-side strategies for curbing illegal ivory trade (NA COMMENT: Oh now. TALK, TALK, TALK, TALK, Yet another workshop. Is there no end to the talking and – no beginning to taking action against CHINA?)

Mandatory photo of the CITES Secretary General in China? Remember this: It is important to judge CITES by it actions/results, not its good intentions. Read this newsletter every day and wonder how the CITES Standing Committee have still not sanctioned China. What more does China have to do before the CITES bureaucrats pluck up courage to use sanctions?

Sanctions are there to be used. How can – why does – the CITES secretary General say this “China has been very active in supporting the implementation of CITES both domestically and internationally.”Read the news and wonder again why the secretary general would say such a thing. Is the CITES Secretariat no longer fit for purpose? Why is it always defending China? )

China and CITES Secretariat to tackle the demand for illegal ivory (NA comment: Headline on the CITES web site, so designed to tell you what they want you to hear when you see all around a very different picture. How many years has the talking go on? How many workshops,? How many conferences? And in the meantime how many elephants and rhinos have been slaughtered?)



Look at all the illegal trade going on.

Look at what China alone is doing.

When did you last hear CITES talk about sanctioning a country, much less implementing sanctions?



Imagine what would happen in your town or city if all the police ever did was to hold workshops and conferences to talk about law enforcement, instead of getting with enforcing the law.

Truck laden with cats en route to restaurants seized. extract: HANOI: Police in Hanoi have seized a truck carrying over a ton of cats smuggled from China to sell to restaurants in northern Vietnam, authorities said Wednesday.

Attempted Smuggling of Over 7,600 Rare Baby Turtles Foiled in Indonesia. EXTRACT They were headed for Shang Hai, China, via Singapore, in boxes labeled as “mangrove crabs”.

Deforestation May Be Ramping Up in Papua, West Papua

TRAFFIC SOUTHEAST ASIA No let up in the illegal pangolin trade: Authorities in Bogor, West Java, Indonesia have seized over 260 kilos of pangolin scales destined for Hong Kong via post. Article in Bahasa Indonesia:

Half of Borneo’s Mammals Could Lose a Third of their Habitat by 2080

Graft slows Cameroon, Malaysia fight against illegal logging – thinktank: TRFN

Malaysia Customs seizes ivory worth RM19,805,132 in 3 years. (NA COMMENT: Three years, one low level arrest given small fine, no big traders caught, no independent audit of ivory – probably because some has disappeared, no destruction of ivory stocks. Nothing has changed then – and we can be certain CITES will, yet again, turn a blind eye to Malaysia’s long-time involvement in the illegal wildlife trade. No change there then, either. Business as usual and no one inconvenienced by prosecutions or sanctions.

Poaching involves paying politicians – wildlife charity. AFRICA – See more at:


Bulgarian Customs Prevent Smuggling of Two Million European Eels

Sofia Airport customs officers seized two million European baby eels which two Chinese nationals had tried to smuggle into Bulgaria, 22 January 2015. Photo BGNES – See more at:

Chinese Journalists Beaten Over Salamander Dinner Probe

(Photo : Reuters) Small plastic bags holding fish, turtles and salamanders are displayed for sale at a shopping district in Beijing March 7, 2013.
Read more:

Not correct to say ‘not a proboscis monkey habitat’ SABAH/MALAYSIA

The fight to save SA’s rhinos: What the Minister didn’t say

Ivory in Uganda seizure likely stolen from impound vault

China Investigates Officials in Lavish ‘Salamander Dinner Scandal
Read more:

TANZANIA: Govt probing increase in tuskless elephants

Controversy swirls around tourists hunting rare birds in Iran

Tighter access to forest reserves. INDIA

Rejuvenation camp concludes, elephant safari to resume. INDIA

Fighting poaching with satellites drones, and maths

Namibia to tighten poaching laws

Forget Crude! Palm Can Be Nigeria’s Next Oil Cash Cow
Read more at:

Turtle importer jailed for animal cruelty and having endangered species without permits. SINGAPORE

– See more at:

European Commission Clears Sime Darby To Buy New Britain Palm Oil

Palm Oil Giant Lists Suppliers Online

Call of the Orangutan: Rescuing a Crashed Drone

UK raises alarm over increase in ivory trade
Read more at:

Six years on, Corbett yet to get its tiger force

One more poacher arrested in Pilibhit

Wildlife group discloses details of Rhino poachers. INDIA

Coast Guard stops Mexican poachers in Gulf of Mexico

Indonesian police to sink Vietnamese vessel in Papuan waters

Smuggling the bane of Cameron Highlands’ exotic and rare orchids. MALAYSIA

Pic credit
Read more:

Ad campaign targets international turtle trade. CANADA

Tiger dies in Bandipur national park; poisoning suspected

8 poachers nabbed in Pilibhit with tiger meat, bones, teeth

Police seize 5 tons of timber. INDONESIA

China scorns NY Times on Myanmar

Logging; G-B stripped of more than 50% forest cover. PAKISTAN

Logging and consequences. PAKISTAN


Certification incentives for reducing illegal logging in Brazil may miss their mark

Soldiers, including one ex-con, arrested over land-clearing allegation. CAMBODIA

Appoint Kelantan Orang Asli as rangers. MALAYSIA

Cameroon Timber Trade – High Risk, Low Reward

A giant step in fight against illegal logging. SARAWAK/MALAYSIA
Read more:

Chainsaws Drive the Most Vulnerable Tribe on Earth From the Amazon

Monk found with an Elephant calf. SRI LANKA

Mars and Wilmar step up efforts to tackle deforestation

Why is so little attention paid to Madagascar’s incredible wildlife?

Forests for the Future

Port Officials Urged to Speed Up Investigation Into Ivory Seizure. CAMBODIA

Craziest animals smuggled into Dubai. Dubai Customs committed to fight against wildlife traffickers

Second South Florida man nabbed in illegal trade of rhino horns. USA

Five ways I’ve seen attitudes to animals change in China

Kenya: Poaching Reduces By Half, New KWS Figures Show

Vietnamese wildlife conservationist named among world’s top ten

Sariska scores over Ranthambore in tiger preservation

Ebola is killing chimps and gorillas too – now we must save them!

Palm oil has the potency to replace hydrocarbons as Nigeria’s mega export earner, says Oroh – See more at:

Scientists hold emergency meeting to save endangered rhinos – See more at:

‘I see more carcasses than live rhino’

A ranger inspects a dead rhino found on the banks of a river in the Kruger National Park. Picture: Sapa.

Spread of palm oil production threatens livelihoods in Indonesia: report. INDONESIA

Orangutans take the logging road

Kenya lost over 100 rhinos in three years

Proposals seek to end ivory sales. Hawaii is one of the nation’s largest markets for the substance, much of which advocates of the ban argue is illegal.

Roads are encroaching deeper into the Amazon rainforest, study says

Iraq vets tackle poachers. S. AFRICA

Sea Shepherd will use multimillion dollar donation to build new ship

Zambia facing challenges in reducing deforestation

The science is clear: Forest loss behind Brazil’s drought

BP REDD+ officially disbanded. INDONESIA

Biodiversity heroes awarded for innovation. INDONESIA

China tries out logging ban in northeastern province (NA comment: While stealing wood from other countries)

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