Seychelles Civil Aviation Authority set to upgrade and expand domestic terminal on Mahe


(Posted 31st January 2015)

Details are beginning to emerge from the Seychelles that the domestic terminal at the international airport is due for some major upgrading and expansion. Work is reportedly going to commence in February when all operations, i.e. arrivals and departures, will for the time being be combined in the present departure section of the domestic terminal while a new departure section will be constructed. This part of the project is estimated to last until December this year and when complete will then, in the next phase, see the existing departure section upgraded and modernized before being turned into a dedicated arrivals lounge, expected ready by mid to late 2016. Enhanced security features will be incorporated to meet the latest international standards.

From information received will a third phase follow which will include space for commercial activities like car hire, a foreign exchange bureau, a restaurant and shops.

The domestic terminal is serving dozens of flights every day from the scheduled services of Air Seychelles between Mahe to Praslin to charters by Air Seychelles and other local airlines to the more distant islands with airstrips like Bird Island, Desroches and others.

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