Creole architecture – all part of Reunion’s attractions


(Posted 20th February 2015)

Reunion Island, a founder member of the Vanilla Island organization, has a deeply rooted Creole cultural element among the island’s population, a fact which spreads from language to food to art to song and of course to also extends to architecture and the way how houses are designed.

Some thirteen private villas, thought to be the very best examples of a mix of French mainland and Reunion island architecture will be showcased on the French television channel TF1 on the 10th of March. An average of 6 million people in France normally watches the programme and arguably everyone on the island itself will be glued to the TV screens to see how the documentary plays out.

These thirteen private houses will be recognized and featured to represent the typical architecture and appearance of Reunion’s Creole houses. They have been selected from across the island, from St. Paul in Saint-Leu to Oars of St. Peter and on to Saint-Benoit.
Creole architecture is literally an art form in Reunion. Besides the houses selected are of course good examples of island architecture found everywhere on the island and visitors taking a tour to some of the smaller villages in the mountains will no doubt find plenty of motives for pictures.

Apart from the more regular tourism attractions are Creole style houses no doubt part of the experience visitors take home with them, making a holiday on Reunion, which is a French region in the Indian Ocean, a very special experience. More information is available about the island via