No 359 Wildlife Trade News 17th March 2015

Another dose of bad news about poaching, wildlife and conservation crimes …

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EU complicit in illegal deforestation claims report

No 359 Wildlife Trade News 17th March 2015

Rhino Squad in Training for Botswana as Country Battles Poachers

Conservationists: Seven elephants killed in Tsavo last week. (NA comment: Case for another conference? There hasn’t been one for a week.) Read more at:


In 2003 this park was raided and 114 baby orangutans confiscated. About 56 were eventually repatriated to Indonesia, from where they had been stolen after their mothers were killed.

The orangutans (and others) you see below are forced into these humiliating performances twice a day with no regard for the animals welfare. There is no attempt at this park to educate the public about anything – other than how to spend their money. This, in 2015 – what does it tell you about cruelty to animals in Thailand? Look at what the public see, and think for a moment what the public don’t see happening to these orangutans between shows.

If you find looking at the photos distressing, imagine watching the tacky shows in real life, with loud music and jeering crowds of about 2000 people at each show. Can you even begin to imagine how the orangutans are treated between shows?

DO YOU BELIEVE GRASP COULD DO SOMETHING USEFUL FOR A CHANGE AND CAMPAIGN FOR MORE HUMANE TREATMENT OF THESE APES? It’s been 12 years and they haven’t yet got around to doing so between attending meetings and conferences.

to be continued……..

Vietnamese customs seize 43.5kg of elephant tusks allegedly smuggled from Dubai


Cameroon: Germany Lauds Forest, Wildlife Protection

Bears kept in ‘appalling’ conditions at Thai temple

Kenya, IFAW launch partnership to curb elephant poaching

MNRE speeds up wild elephant zoning to avoid CITES ban

NJ Senate moves to ban shark fin trade

UK imports driving illegal deforestation, study finds

‘Confiscated logs sold’. SARAWAK

‘Poachers’ caught on camera, arrested. INDIA

Scientists Need Help Funding Anti-Poaching Drone Program

Poacher Kuttu claims to have killed 3 tigers

Tribals to Protect Tiger Reserves

Poaching ruins animal sanctuary of Sunderbans

Red sanders workers attack team of police, forest guards

Ivory objects worth Rs 50L seized, 2 held. INDIA

Traffic Southeast Asia Another online illegal wildlife trader nabbed! This time in Jambi, Indonesia. The trader was caught selling leopard cats and had also advertised civets on his Facebook page. Jambi wildlife authorities told media they handled six cases of illegal wildlife trade online between 2011 and 2015.

Thailand’s fishing industry is rife with trafficking and abuse

Workshop held to raise awareness against rhino poaching. VIETNAM: (NA COMMENT: The authorities need to arrest the dealers – who they do know and otherwise protect.):