Directions and map to the new Terminal 2 in Nairobi


(Posted 13th April 2015)

Considering the number of mails, social media messages and even phone calls received after posting the most recent articles on the shift of flight operations to the new Terminal 2, it can only be imagined how the Kenya Airport Authority is being bombarded with calls and enquiries of a similar nature.

KAA has made available a map, reproduced here to create some understanding for travelers to and from JKIA whose flights are now processed, departures and arrivals, from a new location. It is hoped that the publication on a wider basis of the location map will help to give travelers the right tool they can use to locate and get to the new terminal without the risk of missing their flight over failing to get to the check in desks in time. The best landmark is the airport’s control tower and the new terminal is located behind it.

Kenya Airways has began to shift flight handling to the new terminal and as announced earlier on has Fly540 shifted their entire operation already to T 2.

For more information readers can check out the Facebook page of the Kenya Airport Authority or write to them by email: