Battlefield East Africa – another centenary event drawing close


(Posted 05th August 2015)

Almost coinciding with this year’s Magical Kenya Travel Expo is the one hundredth anniversary of flight in Kenya, which will be celebrated on the 12th of October in the Taita Hills town of Maktau and the nearby Taita Hills Lodge.

Built to look like a German Fort is the lodge at the very centre of the commemorations of the First World War battles which were fought in this part of Kenya, as repeatedly reported here in the series ‘Battlefields East Africa’ and related articles.

In fact has Willie Mwadilo, General Manager of both Sarova Taita Hills and Sarova Salt Lick Lodges played a key role, alongside with the author of ‘Guerillas of Tsavo’ Mr. James Willson Esq. – himself a former General Manager of these two lodges when they were still owned and managed by Hilton Hotels. Willie, when James scouted the area for clues and sites of the skirmishes and battles fought here, was becoming an integral part of the team and has since then helped to train several guides conversant with locations and history to share with visitors keen on seeing the East African theatre where WWI was raging.

Willie in fact shared the following information and thanks go to him once more for making such valuable information available to the readers:

For those coming to Kenya for MKTE2015, which is taking place in Diani south of Mombasa, a mere 200 kilometres from the Taita area, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to visit this part of the country and take in some history lessons of a distant past known today to but a few aficionados intent to keep the memory of events a hundred years ago alive.

Details about the Sarova Taita Hills Lodge can be accessed via and more historical information is available via