Does ‘Low Cost’ automatically mean ‘Low Reliability?


(Posted 24th August 2015)

Some 80 Jambojet passengers booked on a flight from Mombasa to Nairobi on Saturday suffered another intolerable delay, when the inbound flight from Nairobi arrived hours late at Moi International Airport. Staff on duty reportedly fobbed off passengers’ questions with regular foggy airline responses like ‘soon’ when asked how much longer the delay would take.

Instead of arriving in Nairobi by afternoon of Saturday as scheduled did the affected passengers eventually reach on Sunday morning. This followed – according to information received – an unexplained development on board when the crew of the delayed flight, shortly before reaching the runway for takeoff, decided to taxi back to the terminal, resulting in an involuntary nightstop for the affected passengers.

This comes hot on the heels of another passenger from Diani to Nairobi voicing his complaints about a prolonged delay of his flight, also on Saturday.

The airline in an almost customary fashion did not respond publicly to the claims and complaints which were equally reflected in one of Kenya’s daily newspapers, laying the same claims. This, sadly, is yet another major lapse in the carrier’s dented public relations caused by a corporate communications department gone AWOL. Low cost here apparently means passengers should have equally low expectations, unless otherwise advised?Low