Britain offers Uganda 1.5 million Pounds for conservation


(Posted 13th March 2016)

One of Uganda’s foremost conservation NGO’s the Uganda Conservation Foundation, will receive funding to the tune of half a million pounds, together with the Tusk Trust, a UK based conservation group.
This is part of an overall funding by the British government of 1.5 million Pounds which has been allocated to Uganda to assist in the country’s fight against illegal trafficking in wildlife products, especially ivory, which is regularly smuggled through Uganda from African hinterland countries like Congo and South Sudan.
Poaching in Uganda is relatively contained and few cases have made the headlines in recent years, unlike in other countries in the region where tens of thousands of elephant were butchered on an industrial scale for their tusks.
Uganda took part in the London Conference on Illegal Wildlife Trade in 2014 when Britain pledged some 13 million Pounds to support African countries to put structures into place and the announcement of the funding for the UCF and Uganda as a whole by the UK Environment Minister Rory Stewart last week makes good of that promise.