Gorilla Highlands Silverchef competition will include Rwandan chefs for 2016 edition


(Posted 14th March 2016)

Gorilla Highlands’ chief Miha Logar has now confirmed that the second edition of the #GHSilverchef competition will this year take place at the Cephas Inn / Kabale on Saturday, 28th of May.
The overwhelming success of the inaugural event, hosted last November at the Travelers Rest Inn in Kisoro promptly triggered interest to organize a second edition.
The preparations are now underway and to widen the scope of this unique cooking competition have hotels, lodges and restaurants from across the border in Rwanda, especially from the area around Musanze, been invited too.
Selected participants from Rwanda will join their colleagues from the districts of Kisoro, Kabale and Kanungu, the core area of the Gorilla Highlands for a cookout along the lines of last year’s competition.
Chefs nominated for participation and accepted by the panel of judges will like last year be given a range of items to prepare a meal with but are again able to bring some of their own ingredients like spices and herbs.
The main change will be that there is no pre-determined number of category winners as every participating chef will receive a certificate of participation and appreciation while the best chef chosen by the panel of judges will in addition receive the ‘Silverchef Hat‘. The runner ups too will be honoured with prizes.
Details about registration / nomination will be released by the organizing committee over the coming days to give maximum time for chefs to prepare for the event.
More information about the Gorilla Highlands can be accessed via www.gorillahighlands.com
Watch this space for upcoming additional announcement about the competition, the composition of the panel of judges and the registration requirements.