Kenya Airways’ home terminal adds state of the art arrivals section


(Posted 23rd March 2016)

Kenya just got a step closer to attaining FAA Category 1 approval, when the latest facility of Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, a dedicated arrival section went operational earlier this week.
Main beneficiary of this new development will be national airline Kenya Airways and other SkyTeam partner carriers using Terminal 1A. The new facility will separate inbound and outbound passengers with no chance of physical contact, meeting a crucial prerequisite for Cat 1 approval by the American FAA. Another final audit by the FAA is due to launch in April and certification is expected soon afterwards, as other crucial elements too have been put into place.
This will lead before the end of the year to direct flights between Nairobi and the United States and Kenya Airways and SkyTeam partner Delta are tipped to work hand in hand to accomplish that goal.

(All pictures courtesy of Kenya Airport Authority)

Additional separated arrival facilities will be added for the other terminals too, where the refurbishment and modernization has progressed for the departure sections.
The main expansion of Jomo Kenyatta International Airport under the so called ‘Project Greenfield‘ is also progressing and should give the region’s busiest international airport by 2018 a second runway and an entirely new additional terminal for arrivals and departures, tripling the present, and already significantly increased, passenger capacity.