Praslin gets Japanese grant for re-forestation


(Posted 26th March 2016)

The Terrestrial Restoration Action Society of Seychelles was chosen by the Japanese government to receive a grant worth about 65.000 US Dollars to help the NGO to plant indigenous trees on some of Praslin’s hillsides affected by soil erosion.
Praslin, the Seychelles’ second largest island, is home to the famous UNESCO World Heritage Site ‘Vallee de Mai‘ where the fabled ‘Coco de Mer‘ is found and receives tens of thousands of tourists every year. Soil erosion has left some pock marks of bare soil on the side of hills and it is to fill those glaring gaps with new vegetation and in particular trees to combat further degradation.
Seychelles, which has set aside over 50 percent of its landmass as protected areas, i.e. bird and nature sanctuaries, besides several marine national parks, has always prided itself about the nature experience visitors can enjoy and this initiative will go a long way in years to come to retain the archipelago’s nearly spotless reputation as one of the best and most ecofriendly destinations around the world.
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