The Livingstone biWeekly – more tourism news from ‘Further Down South’

Courtesy of Gill Staden, here comes another edition of the Livingstone bi-Weekly covering events in Zambia, Zimbabwe
and beyond …

Cliff diving off the Victoria Falls

Inside the newsletter:

Staple food prices

Fuel crisis

Kazungula pontoon

Barotse Floodplain highway

Solwezi-Chingola Road

Kapenta and Lerish

No IMF Programme

New Maps

Zimbabwe Fishermen arrested

SMART Training in Lower Zambezi

Chongwe Outreach

The Sky Elephant

PDF – Saving Cusp

Painted Dog Conservation Trust – People visiting dens

Wild dog swims the Zambezi

Black mambas mating

MAPP – Pangolin poachers and Lion Alert in Kariba

Botswana’s Anti-poaching

Oxpecker gets a shower from a giraffe

Angola imposes ivory ban

White Sands near Popa Falls

Etosha from Space

Oil Pipeline through Tanzania

George, the rhino, poachers get 30 years

Global Bird Day

US$48 million of python skins smuggled