Pirate treasures? What pirate treasures? Try Seychelles where another dig is underway!


(Posted 04th April 2016)

The past of the Seychelles, like that of other Vanilla Islands members, is the stuff novels have been written about, speculating over the treasures chests famous pirates like La Buse have reportedly buried or hidden.
Reunion in fact saw parody films produced about the La Buse treasure but on the Seychelles the hunt for gold seems more real than on other islands across the Indian Ocean.
It is understood from a source in Victoria that the Seychelles government has issued a new licence to look for treasure and that one Mr. Cruise-Wilkins appears totally convinced that his latest treasure hunt will succeed where his own ancestors failed. While no treasure has been found in the past were other artefacts recovered, like coins, bullets, parts of a pistol but no gold other than in the form of an ear ring which age is yet to be determined.
John Cruise-Wilkins took up the quest after his father failed to find any sign of the buried treasure, when he began searching not long after the Second World War had ended.
Cruise-Wilkens has reportedly told local news sources in the Seychelles that his exploration area is focusing on sites near Bel Ombre, not too far from the Beau Vallon Bay beaches, giving interested tourists, and the media coming to attend the 06th Seychelles Carnival, perhaps a chance to visit the site and, if lucky, even get interview time with John.
Should the La Buse treasure be found, but even if not, will this latest twist in the saga of hidden pirate treasures no doubt spur added interest around the world for visits to the Seychelles, where visitors can soon enjoy a new attractions, seeing a live treasure hunt.
More destination information about the Seychelles islands can be found via www.seychelles.travel