The race is on again for tourism and hospitality students scholarships


(Posted 05th April 2016)

Uganda’s largest private foundation, the Madhvani Foundation, has just kickstarted the race for this year’s scholarship awards, in 2016 reaching 700 million Uganda Shillings.
Among the many scientific and professional fields are again tourism and hospitality included, as are environmental courses, no doubt to a good part inspired by the fact that Uganda’s largest industrial and service industry conglomerate owns and operates safari lodges and is engage in the country’s tourism industry as a major stakeholder.
Set up in 1962 by the founder of the company, the late Muljibhai Madhvani, has the foundation grown in size and importance and become a beacon of hope for gifted students who otherwise could not progress their academic path due to lack of money.
Terms and conditions, for Ugandan students only it should be pointed out, can be accessed via from where application forms can be downloaded and where important information about elegibility can be found.
Under the Marasa Africa brand does the group own and operate four lodges in Uganda, Paraa and Chobe in Murchison Falls National Park, Mweya in Queen Elizabeth National Park, Silverback outside Bwindi Impenetrable Forest Gorilla National Park while in Kenya they own the renowned Aberdare Country Club outside Nyeri, the Ark and the Mara Leisure Camp.
Notably has the Madhvani group also invested in the setting up of a pilgrimage circuit in India with two hotels already operating and five more either under construction or in the final planning stages. These hotels are managed by India’s Sarovar hotel management company.
Said Mr. Roni Madhvani, one of the directors of the company, when asked to comment on the opening of their second hotel in India: ‘The hotel is situated approx. 20 Kms from the main Lord Venkateswara Temple and faces the vast open Tirumala Hills, giving a unique sense of peacefulness and solitude. The holy Hill of Tirumala is, on any given day, filled with tens of thousands of devotees, many of whom have endured long journeys to see the home of the powerful Lord Venkateshwara. It is one of India’s most visited pilgrimage centers. The existing demand-supply gap in this temple town offered an interesting opportunity for an appropriate development’.
Plenty of scope no doubt for successful scholarship applicants when they complete their hospitality and tourism studies and want to start a life time career in the industry.