Reunion prepares to host XTerra triathlon


(Posted 09th April 2016)

XTERRA Meeting 2016

1.5 kilometres of swimming, 30 kilometres of mountain biking across some of the world’s most challenging terrain and then another 10 kilometre run along some of Reunion’s scenic trails, that is expected of the participants who come to Reunion next week for the annual XTerra Reunion Triathlon.

The Austrians Sandra Kobmuller (European top 10) and Carina Wasle (European top 5 and top 10 worldwide), the South Africans Carla van Huysteen (best athlete from South Africa, world top 10 and holder of the title 2015) and Susan Sloan (top 15 worldwide), Spaniard Ruben Ruzafa (triple world champion Xterra, double world champion cross triathlon and multiple champion of ATV Spain), the Belgian Yeray Luxem (top 5), the French François Carloni (No. 1 French and European top 5) and Christophe Betard (top French 5 and amateur world champion in 2015), the South African Theo Blignaut (top 5 South Africa) will be the main foreign contestants of the XTERRA Meeting 2016. The local participants will also try to win their qualification for the Iron Wo/Man on Maui (Hawaii) to represent the island of Reunion at the other side of the world?

A unconventional sponsor for the XTERRA Meeting 2016

This second edition of XTERRA Meeting hosts a renowned sponsor with the South African Conrad Stoltz. With 53 victories on the world circuit, 4 titles in Maui, 3 titles at the International Triathlon Union (ITU) and 2 participations in the Olympic Games, Conrad Stoltz ensures high level sporting spectacle! For the South African who has "traveled the world many times for races in places among the most incredible", it’s the first time he participates in a competition in Reunion. Conrad Stoltz love the French culture and is actually fluent in "this beautiful language" he says. "Reunion has a culture of strong and unique triathlon virgin nature, that is why I am delighted to come to your island. Also with this superb XTERRA on Reunion I simply can not resist! I come with my family and I will stay a few extra days after the race to enjoy the island and its people. I will also take in to do a story for the magazine Triathlon Plus South Africa" he added. French journalist Stéphane Decressac will cover the XTERRA Meeting 2016 for the fortnightly Trimag, the magazine of triathlon and multisport. Invited by the Reunion Island Tourism (IRT), partner of the event, he will not only report about the competition but also about the island of Reunion and will follow the Triathlon champion and ambassador of honor of Reunion David Hauss in its preparation for the next Rio Olympics.

Below are the maps of the three components of the triathlon shown, for swimming, mountain biking and for the trail.

The course of the XTERRA Meeting 2016

Swimming from the beach Trou d’Eau

1,500 m with two loops of 750 m



27.5 km with 465 m of elevation gain



10.5 km with 240 m of elevation gain