Amadeus East Africa supports another high quality training session


(Posted 13th April 2016)

On 23rd April 2016, AMADEUS East Africa will be hosting Matthew Kimberley Coach, Mentor and Head of School for The Book Yourself Solid, School of Coach Training for a one-day seminar in Nairobi at Villa Rosa Kempinski from 9 am – 5 pm.

Book Yourself Solid offers you simple, yet effective techniques for creating relentless demand and endless leads for starting and growing a successful service business. The business system is based on two key principles, both of which Matthew Kimberley will apply to the travel industry.

Firstly, “There are some people who you’re meant to serve and others … not so much.”

This simply means that you do not try to please and sell to everyone reason being, if you try to please everybody you’ll end up pleasing nobody.

The second, “What’s the point in doing anything if we can’t do it with love in our hearts?”

What’s the point in getting out of bed, going to work, and serving the people who need us if we don’t get the opportunity to love every minute of the work that we do?

AMADEUS is at the heart of the global travel industry and we are dedicated to working with our customers and partners to shape the future of travel. It is indeed your golden opportunity to sign up, apply the Book Yourself Solid systems to your business, and fall in love all over again with your business.

The seminar will be hosted on Saturday 23rd of April, from 9am to 5pm in Nairobi at the Villa Rosa Kempinski Hotel in partnership with KATA, the Kenya Association of Travel Agents and Noesis

· The seminar is priced at US$100 per attendee.

Prior registration and confirmation is essential via

Panelists will include:

· Michael Port Renowned author of Book Yourself Solid, professional speaker and Entrepreneur.

· Murtaza Versi Founder, CEO and Lead Facilitator for Noesis Strategic Institute; who has managed a wide range of change management programs aiming at transforming organizations and individuals into excellence.

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