Carana Beach is the latest addition to the Seychelles hospitality scene


(Posted 13th April 2016)


Set right on one of Mahe’s spectacular beaches is the new Carana Beach offering discerning guests five star comfort and facilities at four star rates according to a statement made by the Seychelles Minister for Tourism & Culture Alain St. Ange.
40 chalets, 12 of them with their own pool but all of them ocean facing, await their first guests in just a couple of days now, as over 120 journalists from around the world are heading to the archipelago for the islands’ showcase event, the Carnival International de Victoria.
Once the last formality, clearance from the Department of Planning, has been issued will the new locally owned resort open its doors to the public after weeks of painstaking training sessions getting the staff used to working under full house conditions.
Said Alan Mason, Director of the owning company: ‘The official opening of CaranaBeach and the arrival of the hotel¹s first guests are just days away‘.
Minister St. Ange visited the new hotel a few days ago and at the end of his inspection he then said: ‘We see today a Seychellois company re-investing in the tourism industry of our islands. Their new 40 chalets hotel pitched at being a four star property with all the frills of a five star was a needed addition to our hotel network. We salute the Mason’s Group for having faith in our tourism industry and we wish them success. Seychellois re-invest in the industry when they see signs of growth and also when stability exists. Our island’s tourism industry is working and it is only by working together in the public / private sector partnership that exists that we can continue to consolidate our industry for the long term‘.
Mason’s is one of the oldest tourism businesses on the islands, has remained a market leader and diversified from a tour operator to cover all aspects, accommodation and specialised transport by yachts included.
The new resort, just a few kilometres outside the capital Victoria, offers guests the option to eat poolside besides a more conventional restaurant, a fully fledged small Spa and other amenities Seychelles’ demanding clientele comes to expect.
Added the Minister: ‘Opening now just ahead of the large bank of international press arriving in Seychelles for the 2016 edition of the carnival will increase visibility of the new hotel and I encouraged them to get these members of the press to see their new addition to what is on offer in Seychelles‘.

This correspondent, flying out to Mahe in just a few days ahead of the Carnival to use the added time for more fact finding and seeing new activities and properties, is certainly looking forward to being shown around by Alan Mason to be able describe from close up and personal what the latest resort in the Seychelles is all about.