Seychelles prepare to welcome African nations to the International Carnival in Victoria


(Posted 13th April 2016)

South Africa, Zambia, Kenya, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Madagascar, Mauritius will be joining together in Seychelles to fly flags from the continent alongside the giants of the world of carnivals and in so doing showcase African culture for the world to see. Notably will however Uganda once again be absent and not for a lack of trying.

Promoting one’s Culture is putting one’s people at the centre of our Continent’s Development‘ said a journalist from Africa at the last edition of the carnival in Seychelles. ‘Africa depends a lot on tourism and at the carnival in Seychelles, African Ministers of Tourism meet more press than they can ever hope for. They meet more press than at any tourism trade fair they go to‘ commented another press organization from Africa.

Last year Ghana was at the carnival in Seychelles with a very large delegation headed by their King of the Ashanti. The Kingdom of Swaziland was represented by their Princess who led a cultural delegation and so was the Cote D’Ivoire present. This was the first West African countries were present at this carnival. ‘Africa should learn not to be ashamed of their people and of their culture‘ an American journalist covering the 2015 edition of the carnival said.

This year the African cultural delegations will be parading alongside the best carnivals of the world, coming from as far as Brazil, from Notting Hill of the UK, the France Carnival, the Italy Carnival, Dusseldorf and also Cologne Carnivals from Germany and the Indonesia Carnival. These carnival delegations will be followed by over 15 cultural troupes coming from countries which are demonstrating their pride as they showcase their culture and people.

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