‘Fantala’ hits remote Seychelles’ island


(Posted 19th April 2016 from the Avani Barbarons Resort on Mahe)

The core of the Seychelles archipelago is located outside the Indian Ocean’s geographical area where cyclones strike but some of the more remote islands, like the Aldabra atoll or the island of Farguhar, which, closer to Madagascar than to Mahe, bore the full onslaught of the monster storm.
Windspeeds up to 345 kilometres per hour caused damage to the island’s infrastructure but thankfully no injuries or loss of life was reported after the storm had passed. About half of the island’s regular population of just 30 had been evacuated and the remaining individuals were all reported to be fine.
The island was hit before in 2006 by cyclone Bondo after which substantial improvements were made to buildings to reduce or even avoid storm damage but the unprecedented intensity of Fantala toppled non concrete buildings, uprooted roofs and generally played havoc with infrastructure on this remote Seychellois island which is managed by the Island Development Company. IDC’s Chief Executive Mr. Glenn Savy, according to information received when arriving on the main island of Mahe earlier today. said a survey mission would leave later in the week by air from Mahe to assess the full extent of the damage.

Fantala was the 6th cyclone of the 201516 storm season in the Indian Ocean.
Meanwhile, little if anything was noticed on the main islands of Mahe, Praslin and La Digue of the storm other than overcast weather and occasional showers which are expected to give way to sunshine over the coming days ahead of the Seychelles Carnival festival