A Swazi Winter Adventure

A Swazi Winter Adventure

Winter is fast approaching and its time to dust off the winter woolies and boots and grab a cup of hot cocoa and enjoy a crackling fire at your lodge in the Kingdom of Swaziland.

Yes, Swaziland is the perfect winter destination because it is so close by.

A mere four and a half hours from Johannesburg, you will be snuggled by the fireplace in no time at all, and ready for your winter adventure.

And what an adventure awaits you! Because of its location in the Southern Hemisphere, Swaziland experiences relatively mild winters with temperatures rarely dropping below 20ﹾC during the day with occasional frost in the Highveld region. The days are warm with the early mornings and evening being chilly which means that your days can filled to the brim with exciting winter activities for the whole family.

Perhaps one of the best winter activities to warm you up in Swaziland is hiking. The Nature Reserves in Swaziland are the perfect chance to soak up the warm winter sun on the many self-guided hiking trails, offering the opportunity to visitors to experience nature at a pace suited to their group. There is no better way to explore Swaziland’s highlands, forests, and reserves than on foot.

But, due to the drier season, game viewing is another popular activity. And if going on a game drive does not get your blood pumping, why not embark on a thrilling walking safari where you can see the wildlife, from a safe distance, but on a whole new level through Hlane Royal National Park.

All of the excitement will spark hunger pangs and what better way to satisfy the winter cravings than with Swazi street food. Take your tastebuds on a gastronomy tour and mingle with the locals over stewed or grilled meat and corn roasted on the cob.

The Kingdom of Swaziland is a year round destination but the winter months are magical and offer visitors the chance to still do all of their favourite things such as horse riding, mountain biking and golf. So despite the cooler weather, get out and enjoy the very best that Swaziland has to offer.

The Swaziland Tourism Authority (STA) was established by an act of parliament, the Tourism Authority, Act of 2001. It was established as a public enterprise. In terms of the Act the following objectives have been determined for STA;

  • Develop the tourism sector as a national priority in an environmentally sustainable and culturally acceptable manner,
  • Coordinate and facilitate the implementation of government policies and strategies on tourism,
  • Market Swaziland as a tourism destination through the provision of a platform for industry stakeholders,
  • Encourage, facilitate and promote local and foreign investment in the tourism industry, and
  • Ensure the contribution of tourism to the socio-economic development and continued improvement of quality of life in the Kingdom of Swaziland