Seychelles rated as one of the world’s safest countries


(Posted 28th April 2016)

The assessment by British officials that the Seychelles is one of the world’s safest countries to travel to, was welcome news as the paradise islands wound up the annual Carnival International de Victoria and the tourism board staff then headed to the Arabian Travel Market in Dubai.
23 percent of the visitors over the first three months of the year are in fact coming from Britain and Ireland and with arrival numbers this year already up by 11 percent over 2015 – a year when a new arrival record was set after an increase of 19 percent in visitors to over 275.000 tourists – will the ranking no doubt be used to promote holidays to the archipelago with even greater determination.
Also on this list are smaller and bigger countries like Japan, Malta, Fiji, the Bahamas and Iceland, all island states, joined by such illustrious small countries like Liechtenstein in the Swiss Alps.

Tourism and Culture Minister Alain St. Ange was happy to hear about this ranking afforded to the Seychelles by Britain and he called it a ‘real plus for marketing the Seychelles‘.
Besides safety is the pristine condition of the beaches, the crystal clear waters, the clean appearance of Victoria and other inhabited areas and the more than 50 percent of the island set aside for conservation providing an irresistible package for tourists. More and more flights connect the islands with the rest of the world and Emirates, flying twice a day with a B777 to Mahe, has just reaffirmed at the Arabian Travel Market that they will continue with a long term relationship with the Seychelles to market the destination.
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