Bukoba landing incident ends well


(Posted 01st May 2016)

The relatively harmless runway excursion of an Auric Air Cessna C208B Grand Caravan, registration 5H-NCS was attributed to the skillful handling by the pilot of the plane, when upon touchdown he realised that one of the tyres rapidly lost pressure and he navigated the aircraft to a safe stop off the runway in Bukoba, Western Tanzania.
It appears from reports at hand that a puncture may have caused the rapid deflation of the tyre though a reported search of debris on the runway which could have caused it did yield no results.

Auric Air issued a statement not long afterwards and while the matter is now under formal investigation was the tyre changed, the aircraft inspected and returned to service.

None of the passengers on board suffered any injuries nor did the plane sustain any damage as a result of going off into the grass area besides the runway.

Auric Air has made a picture available which shows the deflated tyre and which also puts swift rumours to rest that the incident was anything more than a tyre puncture on landing.