DOADOA set for Kampala next weekend as is the European Business Expo


(Posted 01st May 2016)

The Uganda Museum’s meeting hall is the venue when between May 04th and 07th DOADOA is unfolding before the eyes of music and art lovers from the Ugandan capital. In fact will Brussels Airlines fly in Mr. Michel Gaston De Bock to make his performance at the East African Performance Arts Market possible and enrich the programme available for Kampaleans and visitors to the city alike.
This will be followed immediately by the European Business Expo which takes place from 06th to 08th of May at the Sheraton Kampala Hotel gardens and Lion Centre. The three day event, organized by the European Union offices and embassies from EU member countries, is aimed to bring Europe, its trade and tourism opportunities closer to Uganda and her business community.
Said an representative of a major European company with offices in Kampala: ‘This event is not all about food, wine and beer but that will play an important role to showcase the European markets. Those are diverse and varied and business opportunities are many for services, manufacturing, import and export opportunities and of course tourism. Flights from Entebbe are available nonstop to two major airports, something which facilitates trade and tourism second to none‘.
The two events are tied as earlier explained and Brussels Airlines has offered a return ticket to any of their European destinations as a raffle prize to be drawn during on of several social gatherings.