Tanzania sanctions UAV surveillance over Tarangire


(Posted 01st May 2016)

After meeting with Idrisa Jaffary of the Elephant Survival Organization on the sidelines of the historic Kenya Ivory Burn yesterday did news come to light that Bathawk Recon just received authorization from the Tanzanian Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism to launch surveillance operations over Tarangire National Park.
An initial six month deployment of Super Bat DA 50 and the required ground and monitoring equipment will hopefully give valuable clues as to game numbers, movements, migration patterns and maybe even real time information about poaching raids.

An extensive trial had taken place earlier on over Mkomanzi National Park near the border with Kenya and the results were overwhelming, prompting the Ministry to expand the scope of the project.
Initially tried out over the Selous has aerial surveillance now established itself as a major tool for wildlife managers to get up to date information and react in real time should any intrusion into the parks be seen from the airborne eyes.

For more information on Elephant Survival and Bat Hawk Recon check out their websites via www.elephantsurvival.or.tz and www.bat-hawkrecon.com