Eden Island gets the last missing link


(Posted 05th May 2016)

Eden Island’s last service gap, a proper coffee shop, will be plugged soon enough when Marsha Parcou, formerly with the Seychelles Tourism Board, and her husband will open what might in fact be the Seychelles’ first.
Notably is it not going to be a Starbucks but Italy’s finest, ‘illy‘ which will supply the coffee which in Italy is turned into those palate jogging espressos, cappuccinos and latte’s.
Given that Eden Island, as reported here, just sold their 500th residential unit, is a coffee shop for residents of the community as well as for tourists and visitors from Victoria no doubt in pole position. Patrons can not only sit down, chat, surf the net while sipping their coffee but also of course buy beans or ground coffee and coffee drinking paraphernalia from Marsha’s new venture.
Before leaving the Seychelles last Thursday afternoon, following the conclusion of the most successful Carnival International de Victoria ever, was some little time left to stop over on Eden Island, catch up with the author of ‘Kolony‘, Mr. Glynn Burridge who also consults and copy writes for the Seychelles Tourism Board and then check out Marsha’s place.

(Creative marketing will no doubt give this coffee shop a place in the hearts palates and stomachs of all lovers of good coffee)

And for those who upon taking their first sip of this delicious brew, and think it is way too strong, they can always look up one of the walls and read this out aloud …

Only at Eden Island’s Chatter Box … enjoy