Reunion brings B&B’s into the hospitality mainstream


(Posted 05th May 2016)

Reunion’s tourism office, IRT, has now confirmed that they have expanded the range of accommodations listed under the quality label and began to include B&B’s while also adding new categories for what they call ‘Charming Accommodation‘, elsewhere often referred to as boutique hotels.
Reunion is not alone in bringing B&B’s, guest houses, self catering establishments and even home stays into the mainstream as recent and current visits to the Seychelles and to Kenya have revealed.
On the little Seychellois island of La Digue are now approximately 100 guest houses licensed, some only offering the room while others offer at an extra charge also Breakfast, and in some cases can even lunch and dinner be arranged.
Demand is growing to catch up with the sharp rise in bed capacity and even on the other islands like Praslin and Mahe – not on the smaller islands though – have B&B’s, self catering chalets on both beach and in the hills and holiday lets’ undergone a renaissance of sorts. In fact, an upcoming article will demonstrate the at times excellent quality such accommodation gives to guests and how this makes the archipelago affordable to more and more travelers, especially those who do not care as much about staying in luxurious branded resorts and want to spend their money for activities like diving, surfing, deep sea fishing or island hopping.
The same applies for Kenya’s coast where exploring the other side of the tourism hospitality scale, cottages, chalets and guest houses, is high on the agenda of this trip, again impressions and experiences to be featured here in due course.
Back to the island of Reunion though.

Through QTIR label , the IRT intends to deal with the increased international competition and maintain and improve the quality guests expect when coming to this French Indian Ocean island. The quality label, now well established, gives tourists peace of mind as they can rely on marketing talk actually reflected in facilties and services when they stay there.

This quality approach is based on several objectives:

  • improve the quality of tourist services;
  • ensure a quality service to the consumer;
  • Reunion distinguish itself from competing destinations;
  • strengthen the quality image of Reunion in terms of reception, service and professionalism.

Qualification QTIR ‘Charming Accommodations

Since December 2015 has the QTIR label launched a new category named ‘Charming Accommodations‘, elsewhere often described as boutique accommodation and hotels. There are already eight units which received this novel designation.

© IRT / Studio Light

In a context where it is essential to develop the originality and innovation to get out standardized products, the name "Charming Accommodations" tends to cause emotional motivations and new experiences especially through the five senses, aiming at modern travelers who have often different expectations from the destination they choose.

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This new approach of classifying tourist accommodation, through personalized services, can meet the customer expectations of a new breed of travelers Reunion seeks to attract to its shores.

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The small hotel, the guest rooms and vacation rentals are challenged by the qualification "Charming Accommodations". The structures must meet a specific range of criteria after an initial pre-assessment which is then followed an audit by an expert of the IRT. Only thereafter will it be possible for the award of the new label, which is then effective for a period of one year.

It offers owners of such establishments the opportunity to increase their visibility through various communication to the travel trade and the media: an exclusive brochure, SEO on the website, inclusion in newsletters dedicated to the general public and professionals and more. This showcase is an excellent method of communication that can truly match market expectations with properties of such exceptional quality.

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© IRT / Studio Light

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