Lusaka gears up for ‘EleFest’


(Posted 07th May 2016)

Next Saturday will the show go underway in Zambia’s capital Lusaka for this year’s edition of ‘EleFest‘, a line up of bands and music performers united in one objective, to protect the remaining elephants which roam this country.
Zambia, Zimbabwean and other international groups will be performing on stage to attract big crowds and then drive the message home that wildlife conservation is the business of every Zambian as the future of wildlife based tourism depends on it.
Zambia Tourism, presently at INDABA, will also be at the Sanganai International Tourism Trade Show in Bulawayo / Zimbabwe next month to promote travel to this unique country, which is home to some of the world’s last great spectacles nature has to offer in this day and age.
Zambia, at Kafue National Park, is home to the largest concentration of Wild Dogs, aka Painted Dogs or Hunting Dogs. The second largest wildebeest migration after the East African one between the Serengeti and the Masai Mara can be found at the Liuwa Plains National Park and then there is, probably by mammals not best liked by humans, the massive bat migration in Kasanka National Park, numbers not seen anywhere else and which, when in full flight, darken the skies above.
Elephant are found in many parts of the country, not just inside the national parks, and the focus next Saturday is clearly on those, with WWF throwing their weight behind the ‘EleFest‘ to show solidarity to local conservation groups.
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